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Daddy Yankee Songs That Are Always Stuck In Our Heads

Daddy Yankee Songs That Are Always Stuck In Our Heads

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We want to start off by mentioning that we love Daddy Yankee, a lot, and always look forward to any and all releases by the star. We know if you are here, you also love Daddy Yankee. And whether you are a fan of the singer or not, you know he releases very catchy songs that will be most definitely be stuck in your head all day. It also doesn’t help that they are absolute bops.

So, in honor of that, we have made a little something, something for all those who are fans of Daddy Yankee. By that we mean we are making a list of Daddy Yankee songs that are always stuck in our heads, so enjoy!

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‘El Pony’

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First off, we’d like to say if you know Daddy Yankee’s songs and MVs, you kind of know what to expect. Meaning maybe don’t let your kids watch this (lol). Anyways, ‘El Pony’ is one of his newest songs and it’s been stuck in our heads since its release. It’s also based on Ismael Rivera’s version of ‘El Caballito,’ which is a song he used to listen to a lot as a child! You can stream the newest hit, here.


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We couldn’t make a list of catchy Daddy Yankee songs and not include the catchiest of catchy songs, ‘Gasolina.’ If you haven’t heard the song even once, then what are you doing? This bop is great for any and every occasion: a party song, a driving song, a karaoke song, hell even play it at our funerals.


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Before the release of ‘El Pony,’ Daddy Yankee released, ‘El Problema’ which became an instant hit. It also started a little TikTok dance challenge, as people were trying to imitate the dance moves that you can see in the MV below. Which we recommend you watch because it honestly has really cool dance scenes.

‘La Santa’

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A track that was on Bad Bunny’s Grammy award-winning album, YHLQMDLG, ‘La Santa’ shows off both singers’ talent as they release songs that are just them, aka singalong bops. It may be a slower track than others on this list, but that doesn’t mean it is less catchy, because even if you heard it a lot on the radio it is definitely a no skip song.

‘Con Calma’

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Do most Daddy Yankee songs give off summer vibes? Yes, but this one just screams summer. ‘Con Calma’ is similar to ‘El Pony’ in the sense that it is a new version of ‘Informer,’ a song Snow released before. ‘Con Calma’ even has a remix that features Katy Perry, which we didn’t see coming.


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Ending our list is ‘Limbo,’ a catchy track that premiered back in 2012. This song you would always hear as someone in your house was doing Zumba, and then it would get stuck in your head before you even knew it. What an interesting year 2012 was, though this track made it 100 times better.

We don’t know if this was a great or bad idea because now all of these songs are stuck in our heads. But we guess who better than to have Daddy Yankee always playing your head?

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So what’s your favorite catchy Daddy Yankee song? What do you think about his newest song ‘El Pony?’ Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: ‘El Pony’ Music video on YouTube, Cartel Records

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