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Hot Mulligan’s Hot New Acoustic Hit (And Some Old Ones, Too.)

Hot Mulligan’s Hot New Acoustic Hit (And Some Old Ones, Too.)

Hot Mulligan Acoustic sessions

Hot Mulligan hits with some hot new acoustics as they strip down their latest single ‘Pop Shuvit (Hall Of Meat, Duh).’

Last week we reached out about the band’s sexy single and announcement of EP I Won’t Reach Out To You (Pre-save here). Today, we’re back again with one more radical release to keep the kids current. 

Hot Mulligan, acoustic, is something we were yet to dive into, so we figured there’s no better time than now. The group has us hyped as this is one of the first acoustic versions we’ve gotten of a song in some time. Hey, guys, do better.

Just joshing, we love you regardless—anyway, time to move back to the music. The serene scene is set as vocalist Nathan ‘Tades’ Sanville, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Chris Freeman, and lead guitarist Ryan ‘Spicy’ Malicsi jump into the back of a red pick-up to throw down. The original track referred to by the best (us) as ‘bouncy and brilliant’ sounds just as slick slowed down. As the stripped-down song progresses, fans are graced with the raw vocals and killer chords. Oh, it’s lovely. The only thing we could love more? If it was being made available on streaming services. Don’t worry; we’ll wait. For now though? Stream the Acoustic Session here:

‘Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meat, Duh)’

This stripped session has us reminiscing, and so we’re ready to reflect on all the times Hot Mulligan wowed us with their acoustic abilities in the past. Some of these songs may look familiar to you from the last time we chatted, but the delivery is certainly different, and damn are they delightful.

‘Shaylee, Shanel’

A song for the simps, this session took place back in 2016. Potentially the last time they ever played it (LOL), here they delivered one of the most relatable tracks of all time. We love the rawness, the shouty vocals, the classic pop-punk kid vibes here. We did love you, and we still do.

‘I’m Tuning to O-Positive’

Even older than the previous pick, this 2015 gem couldn’t be left off the list. This track allows the vocals to stretch and show just how versatile they can be. We love the showcase of the range presented here. We had to.

‘The Soundtrack To Missing A Slam Dunk’

A little more recent, this was recorded in 2018. The dual-vocals are so perfect they could make us cry. Additionally, the fancy little guitar break down there is something we always love to see. Regardless of the version that this song is in, it’s forever a favorite.

‘I Fell In Love With Princess Peach’

Another Attic Session, Chris takes over on this one which was also filmed back in 2015. This song is a personal favorite of ours, to begin with. But to have the opportunity to hear Chris showcase his vocals in a song so sentimental in such a space, we are smitten.

‘If You Had Spun Out In Your Oldsmobile This Probably Wouldn’t Have Happened’

The lyricism from this band is always on point. So to hear Hot Mulligan hit them acoustically is always a treat regardless of the selected song. This 2017 recording is here because, well, frankly, it’s fire.

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As we watch Hot Mulligan progress past all their previous production, we’ve enjoyed reflecting on their acoustic recordings. Especially the fact that we’ve been delivered a fresh one for 2021.

Let us know if we’ve included your favorite acoustic session or which ones you think we’re missing by commenting down below or giving us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

You know, you need more of us in your life. Check out some more music.


Featured Image Source: Screen Grab From Hot Mulligan’s Acoustic Session

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