‘Imagine’ Ben Platt Is Singing His New Single To You!

‘Imagine’ Ben Platt Is Singing His New Single To You!

We can´t imagine a life without Ben Platt! And after two years of waiting, we have been blessed with his new single ‘Imagine.’

‘Imagine’ is a love song bringing the Ben Platt sound we have been loving since he came to the music industry. The track talks about being in love with someone that you can´t ‘Imagine’ a life without, cause they are the person who makes you feel like you are flying and it is a dream every time you are with them.

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The melody of the song, is a magical mix of upbeat drums next to the piano with a bready and resonant sound, giving us a joyful and lively song that we are loving. Making stunning chemistry with Ben Platt´s voice, the song is a breathtaking and brilliant piece of art.

Listen to ‘Imagine’ HERE!

The voice of Ben Platt is our religion. We have been obsessed with him since the first time we heard him sing on stage on Broadway. And let´s not forget how we feel in love with him after seeing him in the iconic movie Pitch Perfect. The Broadway and Hollywood star has proved to us that his voice doesn´t have barriers and that he is the best in every single music world. Let´s be honest, no one can compete with his talent!

We Are Flying Around Our Rooms!

Let´s talk about how Ben Platt created an incredible performance in his video! He is proving to us that he owns the stage and screen. We loved the dance performance that was making us fly with excitement, watching him mix his theatrical talent with his musical talents.

Since the release of his debut album, Ben has captured all of us with his beautiful and moving music. His album hasn´t gotten out of our playlist for three years. And, we don´t regret any second we have listened to it.

Listen to Sing To Me Instead here!

‘Imagine’ has entered our daily playlist and we can assure you that it’s gonna be on yours too! Tell us your thoughts on Ben Platt´s new song in the comments and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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