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Oscars’ Moments That Deserve an Award!

Oscars’ Moments That Deserve an Award!

The one and only night where people all around the world come together to celebrate the stories that keep us dreaming every day was one to remember! A pandemic wouldn’t stop The Academy to give us something very special! From the red carpet to the show, they reminded us of the magic of the cinematic world.

Oscars 2021

The 93rd ceremony of the Oscars Awards was a different night to remember. Since the pre-party, we were all ready to see our favorite actresses, actors, producers, writers, directors, and all the people that make our dreams come true on the screens. The night was full of surprises and laughs, and we are so happy that even though things were not the same as always, we could feel the love for cinematography together.

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The Red Carpet Reviews

The Oscars’ red carpet is one of our favorite things to watch! Every year, artists take over the world with their incredible looks that make us want to put on a gown and drink from a champagne glass with whatever drink we find in our homes. This year we have a special list of our favorite looks from this ceremony!

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Alan Kim

First of all, let’s start with the boy that has stolen all of our hearts. Dressed by Thom Browne with a custom tuxedo, Alan Kim reached the top of our list with his unique and adorable outfit. We love how Alan came with a classy, but comfy style that made all of us go crazy about him. We adored the different details his look had! The stripes that decorated his right sock and the beautiful cuff links he was using, it was just too much! We are giving this outfit an aww out of 10.

Image Source: Emma Louise Swanson
Vanessa Kirby

Alessandro Michael did it again, everyone! Vanessa Kirby has been stunning us in every single award ceremony with her iconic and gorgeous looks that we are obsessed with. For the Academy Awards, Vanessa came with a classy but beautiful dress by Gucci. The light pink, strapless and backless dress was the perfect match for the elegant and delightful personality of the actress. Being one of our favorites, Vanessa found a way to make all of us drop our jaws the moment we saw her walking down the red carpet! Alessandro, please choose our wardrobe!

Amanda Seyfried

Mamma Mia! This dress was the one who took all the looks away every single time we were looking at the screen. Wearing a Giorgio Armani Privé hibiscus red strapless ball gown customized for the incredible and talented Amanda Seyfried, this dress made all of us sit in front of the screen admiring the dress of our dreams. Gimme Gimme this dress! Since the moment we saw it on the Giorgio Armani wardrobe, we knew this was a dress made to look like an angel, but Amanda please, tell us how you own this look? Red is the color of the nominee and now we can’t use it. How can we use it after this?

Image Source: Kwaku Alston
Regina King

We are bowing into Regina King’s look. Wearing a custom-made Louis Vuitton duchess-satin dress by Nicolas Ghesquiere, she looked like she came down from heaven. Her shoulder pads created the illusion that the actress had wings, and with the small platinum details, she reminded us what an angel she is. The light blue was the perfect color match for her and we love how it made her look. She was a goddess walking down the red aisle of the Oscars. Since the moment she put a foot on the carpet, she reminded us that she never disappoints when it comes to her ceremony outfits. Regina, you own us!

Lakeith Stanfield

Using YSL, Lakeith Stanfield didn’t limit himself to the tie requirement. He went with his own style, making him one of the best dressed for this very important evening. We are in love with how he managed to use this jumpsuit into an ‘80s vibe, that perfectly matched his amazing glasses and made him look stunning. Every detail from his look was a dream: the belt that made the look highlight in the audience, the color, and fabric of it that just made it look so fancy… He surely looked like a star! We are giving him a 100/10 for this rocking outfit.

Carey Mulligan

A walking Oscar came onto the red carpet! The nominee for best actress, Carey Mulligan, obviously got into our fave looks! Styled by Nicky Yates, the beautiful actress wore a Maison Valentino that made all of us put on some sunglasses, cause she was shining! The dress, having a small cut between the top and the bottom, made a simple dress go to a need-in-my-life dress. The sequin sparkly golden fabric made the actress be the spotlight of the night and made all of us look for any piece of clothing with sequins, so we could try to get to the level of queen Carey, which we couldn’t. She is just too much!

Image Source: Sophia Webster

Another Year To Always Remember

The evening of the Oscar is something that always goes down in history. And this year the female international power was the one to show us that everyone can reach their dreams. Three women were the ones who reminded us of how powerful we are, and no matter your gender, color, nationality, you can reach the stars.

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Youn Yuh-jung

For her role in Minari, Youn Yuh-jung won the category of ‘Best Actress in a Supporting Role’, making her the first Korean Actress to win at the Oscars! The talented actress had a stunning performance in the movie, and we all knew she deserved this award. But we fell more in love with her after her acceptance speech, which reminded us how beautiful a person she is. She has made history and in the best way. She is surely someone to admire.

Image Source: Quil Lemons for Vanity Fair
Emerald Fennell

Emerald Fennell proved to us her talent in her movie Promising Young Woman, which lead her to be the first woman in 13 years to win ‘Best Original Screenplay’ since JUNO. Thirteen years! Not only writing this screenplay in the middle of her shooting as Camilla in The Crown, but she also went through a pregnancy during the whole process of the movie! She is a rockstar, and she reminded us that we can be everything we want at the same time if we give our best and believe in ourselves.

Image Source: Quil Lemons for Vanity Fair
Chloé Zhao

Finally, but not the least important, the woman who took over the Oscars, Chloé Zhao. As director of the movie Nomadland, she has become the first woman of color, the first Chinese woman, and the second woman in 93 years to ever win the Academy Award for directing! And she also won ‘Best Picture’! This is something immense and inspiring for everyone out there dreaming of being a huge star of cinematic life. Don’t ever forget that if you fight for your dreams, you can make it. We believe in you!

“I have always found goodness in the people I met everywhere I went in the world. So this is for everyone who has faith and the courage to hold onto the goodness and themselves, and… in each other.”

Chloé Zhao in her winning speech.

Image Source: Quil Lemons for Vanity Fair

The Laughs Were Not Missing

Daniel Kaluuya was one of the first people to make this night full of laughs. After winning his first Academy Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for his role in Judas and the Black Messiah, he gave an unforgettable speech. As natural, he started thanking everyone in his life; God, his sister, his producers, directors, and all the important people you can’t forget in a moment like this. But the speech had a little turn, where the winner said something that made all of us laugh, and mostly at his mother’s reaction.

“My mom and my dad… had sex. It’s amazing! I’m here!”

Daniel Kaluuya ending his winning speech.

We were laughing so much at this comment! And our bellies started hurting more after we saw how his mother reacted to him. Surely something to laugh at forever.

We Learned How To Shake It!

Glenn Close stole the night! The Academy chose to do a little trivia between the nominees and winners, testing their knowledge about the awards and Glenn Close reminded us how much of a queen she is. Not only giving us a history lesson about the Oscars and cussing the awards for not nominating an iconic song as ‘Da Butt’, but she also gave us some dance lessons. Ladies, gentlemen, and people around the world, the one, and only superstar showed us how to move our booties on international television! She has reinvented twerking and we are thankful for that!

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Being An Academy Award Winner Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Fangirl

Imagine the handsome, strong, and talented Brad Pitt saying your name. Not once, but multiple times. We all would totally faint, like imagine it! And now add in winning an Oscar, we don’t know how Youn Yuh-jung survived! After Brad Pitt presented the award for ‘Best Supporting Actress,’ for her role in the movie Minari, we were all waiting to listen to her speech, but she reminded us instead that winning the award didn’t stop her from simping on our all-time celebrity crush! We loved how she was having a fangirl moment with one of America’s sweethearts. We identify with her so much, but we know we also wouldn’t survive him giving us a little glimpse.

The Oscars’ night has become a big night to remember forever in our hearts! We are so proud of every and each nominee and we can’t wait to see what this year is preparing for us. We are ready to travel with the upcoming projects the cinematic world is keeping in its vault.

What did you think about the awards? Which was your favorite outfit? Tell us everything on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Artwork by CAMPAS for The Academy

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