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Tickets To My Downfall US Tour?! Here’s What We Wanna Hear

Tickets To My Downfall US Tour?! Here’s What We Wanna Hear

MGK Tickets To MY Downfall US Tour

Machine Gun Kelly finally announces Tickets To My Downfall US Tour set for Fall 2021!

Machine Gun Kelly has had a hell of a year, and as we’ve clearly shown, we’ve been rooting for him all along. Now, the award-winning global performer takes his rock show on the road. We’ve spent quarantine dreaming of the day we’d get to see tracks from the #1 album live, and now our dreams turn to rager reality.

Perhaps you’ve caught the passion-filled performances in Times Square at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve or Saturday Night Live, but we promise that nothing compares to the real thing. If you’ve been blessed to see this babe blow the lid off every live performance, then you already know how insanely incredibly this tour will be. But for those who’ve yet to experience the excellence? We strongly suggest you score seats.

So as we prepare for a tour that will rock our faces off fully, we deliver to you our dream MGK setlist for the upcoming Tickets To My Downfall US Tour.  

Our Dream Tickets To My Downfall US Tour Setlist

‘title track’

Rightfully so, the records ‘title track’ has earned its rightful place right at the top of our list. This melody is one we can’t wait to see live as it showcases our main man’s vocals in a way we haven’t seen before, but does it stop there? Certainly not. The song ramps up and rages out in all the ways we know and love coming from MGK. Plus the drums? Rook in his element? We love to see it.

‘drunk face’

‘drunk face’ finds its feature here for many reasons. Fast-paced, fearless pop-punk, this track has you thoroughly enthralled, nodding your head and singing along. Maybe MGK is the drug we won’t quit, and as for our youth? It surely won’t be wasted when this song is on.

‘forget me too’

Okay, we’ve all experienced a breakup that sucked. The difference here? Most of us didn’t create a killer comeback track about it. Both MGK and Halsey rock it out on ‘forget me too’. Even though the pair weren’t made for each other, they were made for this genre. The energy in this song was made for the main stage. We don’t want it, WE NEED IT. 


Ok, sure, we did get to witness this live technically, as this was one of the tracks that MGK performed on SNL. But this song makes us feel things. A true simp song, we know that fans new and old will be on board with this one.

‘my ex’s best friend’

Pretty self-explanatory, but ‘my ex’s best friend’ belongs nowhere else than on our Tickets To My Downfall US Tour dream setlist. This song was a shining single off the album, and while we know that this song slams on stage, we wanna see it for real. 

‘play this when i’m gone’

Listen, we’re emo okay. Accept it. This ode to his daughter has us all the way in our feels, and the emotion in this song is something we can not live without seeing live. Plus, there is nothing as pure as producing a puddle of tears at a live show, right? Right.


This song dropped after Tickets To My Downfall, but the vibes are vicious. Crossing over genres, this rocking-rager has it all. There is no doubt that this is music to mosh to, and who doesn’t love a good old fashion mosh pit?

‘Glass House’

We know this song isn’t from the album either, but honestly, this track is an actual masterpiece. Landing on our list, ‘Glass House’ is from MGK’s Hotel Diablo. A record that certainly didn’t get enough recognition, we’d love to see several songs from it on the setlist.

‘el Diablo’

You did read that right, right? We said several. This whole hit also from Hotel Diablo simply has us hot and bothered. Highlighting his hip-hop expertise, we’d adore an earful of this on tour.

‘concert for aliens’

One of the first songs to launch this lad into the punk world, it hits hard. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to have Travis on the track! Laid with a load of righteous riffs, we say, full send.

‘body bag’

Talk about a dream TEAM. This one rocks. HARD. While sadly, we know that Yungblud and Bert won’t be joining in on this tour, we know that we need to rage out to this one regardless.


The homie hits with a hype song. ‘Loco’ has become a fast fan favorite. Plus a Pete cameo? Swooooon. Hey, we’re dreamers.

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‘See My Tears’

And, of course, one for our OGs. There is absolutely nothing in the world like being a Machine Gun Kelly fan and experiencing this song live. Nothing. While the passion alone in this song can knock one off their block, the vibes from being in a crowd full of fans is what makes this one magical.

And there you have it. You’ve watched as Machine Gun Kelly has found his footing in the pop-punk scene, and now you’ll get to watch him work it on stage. Here’s to hoping some songs from our setlist will make the cut!

Tickets go on pre-sale April 27th and on sale to the public April 30th. MGK will be joined by special guests carolesdaughter, jxdn, and KennyHoopla. The tour kicks off September 9th in Minneapolis and wraps up in his hometown, Cleveland, on December 18th. Grab your tickets here.

So which dates of the Tickets To My Downfall US Tour will we see you at? Is the setlist dreamy enough for you? Let us know now! Give us a shout down below or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

Want more from our pop-punk category? We got you. More on MGK? We’ve got you there too, check it.


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Universal Music Group

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