We Can’t Express Enough What A Smash ‘In Line’ By Nicholas Hamilton Is

We Can’t Express Enough What A Smash ‘In Line’ By Nicholas Hamilton Is

We have been fans of Nicholas Hamilton since we first saw him in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s book It. As much as he shines on-screen, after hearing his debut single ‘Different Year’ and now his newest track, ‘In Line,’ we can confirm he shines just as bright with his music.

He’s one of those artists that you can tell loves what he does, and that kind of passion will take you so far in the business. We honestly can’t wait to keep supporting anything he does in the future!

Let’s dive into ‘In Line’!

Image Source: Nicholas Hamilton via Instagram

If you’re looking for the perfect mixture of modern pop and a retro feel, look no further than ‘In Line.’ We are certainly more blown away every time we listen. After Nicholas Hamilton releasing his debut track ‘Different Year’ and us loving it so much, we were so hopeful this would live up to that bar he set. And, of course, it exceeded that bar!

Nicholas Hamilton opened up about how he wrote this track about moving across the world from Australia to the US! The more we listen to the track, the more we can hear that constant battle in his head about the pros and cons of moving. Being able to understand the context of the track adds so much emotion behind these beautiful lyrics.

If this is how good the music Nicholas Hamilton is releasing for his first two singles, we can’t imagine how much we will love an entire album! And we can only hope as the world returns to normal, we will see live shows from Nicholas emerge!

Don’t forget to stream ‘In Line’ by clicking here!

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Featured Image Source: Travis Walters

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