Elise Eriksen Is Reminding Us That We Are ‘Young Once’

Elise Eriksen Is Reminding Us That We Are ‘Young Once’

We have found the anthem for all the young generations that are trying to live their life as much as they can! We have found the song that brings us that feeling that we need to stop wasting time.  Elise Eriksen has brought something that reminds us that it’s time to activate our FOMO, to keep creating incredible and remarkable experiences. The song is a calm, upbeat, catchy tune that is giving us the fresh and original sound of the rising singer. . She has the talent we all wish we had!

Elise is reminding us that we just live once- we are ‘Young Once.’ That we need to enjoy these moments. We are getting one chance to be the crazy, wild, and free people we all are in our own colors. The song expresses perfectly what we have all been feeling during this pandemic. We want to waste no more time, and we’re tired of watching time go by and not enjoying the precious moments we could have been creating.

But, dear readers, don´t get too frustrated cause every day is a step closer to creating amazing memories with our friends and loved ones. And when we do, we’ll be singing Elise Eriksen´s anthemic single with all of our hearts. In the meantime, let´s keep creating these crazy memories, that may be different because of the situation, but definitely will be unforgettable!

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We Can´t Believe She Is Only 17!

Growing up in a musical environment, Elise has become one of the most promising artists of 2021. We can see how being surrounded by the top artists and songwriters has helped guide Elise, to be a superstar in what she is doing! At only 17 years old, Elise came to the music world with her song ‘Less.’ Her incredible single ‘Smile’ came just a few months later.

Listen to ‘Less‘ and ‘Smile‘ here!

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We wanna dance until we can’t move to Elise Eriksen’s new song! What are your thoughts on the tune? Tell us everything in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz with us on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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