It’s Time to ‘Ugly Dance’ With ONF

It’s Time to ‘Ugly Dance’ With ONF

It has only been two months since ONF released their first full-length album, ONF:MY NAME, and its title track ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ which earned them their first-ever win in a music show. Now they follow it back with this incredible album, this time titled: CITY OF ONF, and the title track ‘Ugly Dance.’ And this is a comeback you don’t want to miss out on.

ONF Concept photo (Stage 1 version)
Source: WM Entertainment via ONF’s official Twitter account (@wm_on7off)

The repackage album starts with the title track ‘Ugly Dance’, which samples the beginning of their previous title track: ‘Beautiful Beautiful’. But don’t let that fool you – these two songs are very different from each other (notice how the titles contradict each other as well). ‘Ugly Dance’ (or ‘춤춰’ in Korean) has an anthem feel to it with a glorious vibe. It encourages just dancing no matter what and forgetting about all worries, and it’ll immediately put you in a good mood. The big highlight of the song has to be the bridge: with the absolutely incredible vocals from MK and Hyojin, but also the striking rap verse by Wyatt. The music video is heavily performance-based, but the editing, as they switch from all-white outfits to all-black outfits in the blink of an eye, makes it hard to look away. Not only that, but the music video for ‘Ugly Dance’ clear proof of how good performers ONF are.

The two following tracks are a perfect addition to ONF‘s first album. Remember ‘The Realist’ from ONF:MY NAME? Well, ‘The Dreamer’ is its counterpart. Not only the titles of the songs are the opposite and complement each other, but the outro of ‘The Dreamer’ actually samples the intro of ‘The Realist,’ creating not only a connection between the tracks in the repackage album but also creating a loop and whole universe within only those two songs. And of course, let’s not forget about ‘My Genesis (Übermensch).’ This track mixes jazzy instruments in the verse, with an overall rock feel due to its addicting guitar riff. The song even has a guitar solo. And even though it might sound weird on paper, they manage to mix these two elements and create a truly special song. 

This whole repackage album just reaffirmed what we already know: their concepts are always on point and ONF are amazing performers that never fail to release incredible and original new music. And if you’re not into ONF yet, you’re missing out on a lot.

Source: WM Entertainment via ONF’s official Twitter account (@wm_on7off)

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Featured Image Source: WM Entertainment via ONF’s official Twitter account (@wm_on7off)

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