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Loud And Sad Radio Episode 3: Email Emergencies & Tales of Toast

Loud And Sad Radio Episode 3: Email Emergencies & Tales of Toast

Loud and Sad Radio Episode Three

Loud And Sad Radio: Episode Three, sleepwalking in dubai, covers the careers of various artists and Pete’s himself. Missed it? We’ll keep you covered. 

Coming back to deliver a jam-packed episode of randomity, experiences, and killer tracks, Loud and Sad Radio: Episode Three had the perfect amount of substance and songs to bring joy to even the most emo hearts. While nothing is quite like listening to the episode yourself, we’ll do our best to give you a rundown of the radio show.

Office FOMO And Email Emergencies

Firstly, FOMO about being in the office? Pete, we could never. But to be fair, most of us have probably spent much more time in one than him. He confirms our concerns by telling us of a time where an email emergency ensued. Not knowing how email threads work or what BCC is, and in an effort to help an art show with Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes gain traction, he accidentally uncovered email addresses. Oops! 

Luckily for us, e-mail isn’t his thing, and Pete pursued music that brought us the greatness that is Fall Out Boy. The hosts continue to cover NFTs, and how the world has shifted into one where you can obtain these digital pieces of art, music, perhaps a gif, or is it…jif? And how extraordinary it is. We couldn’t agree more.

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Respect for Rihanna as Pete praises her pursuance and the career she has created for herself. Creating a strewn of monumental music, she has depth, dynamic and is an absolute icon with culture. Reflecting on run-ins with Rihanna, Pete talks of a time where he and she hosted the 2006 VMA Red Carpet Preshow, the first time the pair met. Pete mentioned that he was working toward a rap career, and now, Rihanna always has to ask. We’re also wondering, Pete, how is your rap career? 

Showcasing a selection of Rihanna songs and their colossal impact on the music industry, it was hard for us to select one, but here it is!

Rihanna – ‘What’s My Name? ft. Drake’

Where there’s Rihanna, There’s gotta be Drake. Another absolutely astounding industry titan, Drake, is another artist who has had multiple types of talent. Getting his start on the beloved Degrassi, he made his way to become an incredibly influential rapper. While Jimmy Brooks will always hold a special space in our hearts, we’ve learned to let him go and let Drake do the damn thing.

Drake – ‘Energy’

A man for Metallica, Wentz is sure to show his loyalty to the band as he fights for their continuing content and its relevancy to the rock world. Noting that they’ve come so far as a band, they can pretty much do anything they want. We respect it. What would the world of rock be without them?

Metallica – ‘The Memory Remains’

Speaking of continuing content, FOB is another iconic band that has done just that. So naturally, the shameless plug of his own song is a decision we back 100%

Fall Out Boy – ‘Centuries’

The show trails out to tales of toast. Yes, toast. Touring is something that Wentz and FOB know a lot about. He reflects on a time in which he was in Japan, and the man delivering his breakfast brought a toaster to his room to make his breakfast bread. Weird, no! Different from America? Certainly. Taking a stab back at his rap career, Wentz finishes by saying, ‘all toast is bread, but not all bread is toast.’

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And in all their dad glory, they use it as one final play on words delivering a toast to the…. well, you know the lyrics.

Kanye West – ‘Runaway ft. Pusha T’

Don’t let this series slip past you! Check out Episode Three now, and let us know what’s on your mind! Drop a comment down below or catch us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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