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We Are Alive When We Are With almost monday!

We Are Alive When We Are With almost monday!

almost monday just created the perfect missing-that-person song that everyone needs in their life. But relax, we are not crying our hearts out with the song. We are singing with all of our hearts the incredible bop one of our favorite bands has created, ‘hailey beebs.’ 

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Their newest release, ‘hailey beebs,’ is a song that talks about that relationship you want to be in again and do it all over again, but this time correctly. Something that we all have felt. To have another chance with the one that got away.

We are loving the playful and fresh new song that has all of us driving through the city trying to live the music video the band has released. The iconic and smooth sound of almost monday is addictive, and the new song has been added to our daily music doses.

Liste to ‘hailey beebs’ HERE!

We Don´t Care, The ‘hailey beebs’ Music Video Will Be On Repeat!

Keeping the almost monday vibe, the music video takes us around a night in San Diego, the band’s hometown, watching Dawson Daugherty with this stunning blue suit (Dawson, please, share where you get it, we need it ASAP), and the band being filmed with a 16mm film, which makes the video the most extraordinary thing that we have ever seen.

Getting to know San Diego is an experience we want to live, but for now, we are appreciating the incredible views of the city while almost monday plays our new favorite song with the magic of the night making this video more memorable!

almost monday is preparing an EP, which they have told us previously is going to be a new sound for them and will talk about not taking things for granted. We are so excited to listen to it and see what this new era of almost monday is bringing!

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We are loving everything the band is doing so far! What are your thoughts on the new music video? Tell us everything in the comments and, don’t forget to buzz with us on our Instagram and Twitter!

Need more music? We gotchya!

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