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7 Influencers We Think Could Be Disney Princesses!

7 Influencers We Think Could Be Disney Princesses!

It’s National Princess Week, and when we found out about it, we just knew we needed to put together a list of influencers that we think look like Disney princesses. All of these beautiful people could star in a Disney princess movie, and we would not be mad about it. We would actually put down so much money to see them live out their Disney princess dreams! Scroll down and read all about the seven influencers that are THP certified princesses!

Crystal Leigh

First on our list is the beautiful Crystal Leigh. Crystal is an influencer who lives in Los Angeles, California. She currently has 700K+ followers on Instagram and is the absolute sweetest person. We love seeing her posts and think she is stunning inside and out. She’s also engaged to the ever lovely 5SOS guitarist, Michael Clifford. They are a match made in heaven. 😍

Not only is Crystal stunning on the outside and could star in a Disney princess movie tomorrow; she is also beautiful on the inside and it shows through her personality and kindness to everyone she interacts with. She might not be an official princess, but she is in THP’s eyes! We aspire to be just like Crystal when we grow up.

You can find Crystal on Instagram and Twitter!

Cierra Ramirez

Texas native, Cierra Ramirez, is next on our list. We first saw her when she starred on The Fosters, and immediately we got Disney princess vibes. She is stunning inside and out and seems to be the absolute sweetest human. We wish we could be BFFs with her, and it also helps that she’s from one of our Senior Editor’s hometowns. *wink wink*.

Cierra is not only is an actress, but she also is a singer, and she released her debut album, Over Your Head, back in 2020. The new season of Good Trouble is airing now on Freeform and Hulu, and we cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us—maybe becoming a real-life Disney princess? We wouldn’t be mad about that!

You can find Cierra on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Alexa Losey

Who else would be next on our list, other than the iconic Alexa Losey? If you’ve been living under a rock, you might not have known about this smokeypinkleopard, but we are here to tell you all about her. Alexa started out on YouTube back in the early days posting about beauty and lifestyle. She has taken time away from her YouTube channel but has been consistent with posting on her Instagram and, more recently, her TikTok, which bears her old moniker. We were stoked when she started her TikTok and looked forward to every new video that she posts.

Alexa could be a real-life Disney princess. She has beautiful big eyes and a heart to match. When Alexa speaks, you can tell she truly cares about her fans and those she interacts with. Which is the perfect recipe for a princess, are we right?

You can find Alexa on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

Megan & Liz

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Next on our list is the twin duo, Megan & Liz. We have followed their career since the 2010s, and we have loved getting to see their personalities and music careers soar. Although there have been bumps in the road, they haven’t let that hinder them from releasing music they genuinely care about. Their latest single, ‘Where Does The Love Go?’ and the lyric video show Megan & Liz dressed up in stunning dresses and becoming their princess self.

We love seeing them have fun together and be their true selves. With the latest single release, we cannot wait for the new album, which is hopefully coming out very soon!

You can find Megan & Liz on their joint TikTok and YouTube channel. They also have their own Instagram accounts which you can find here: Megan + Liz!

Sophia Roe

Fifth up on our list is Sophia Roe. We found Sophia through her Instagram account and instantly fell in love with her. She lives in NYC (the dream!) and is a cook, welfare advocate, and is the host of COUNTERSPACE on Vice TV. She is also the founder of Pillow Talk Sessions, which according to their Instagram page, is “an intimate conversation series hosted by @sophia_roe & @danigiardina honoring curious minds, community, and food & feelings in a safe and open space.”

Not only is she a caring person, but she is stunning as well. That is the perfect recipe for our dream Disney princess lineup. Can someone cast her in a new princess movie ASAP?! We beg of you.

You can find Sophia on Instagram and TikTok.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

We couldn’t keep going with our list without mentioning the beautiful Jessica Kellgren-Fozard. One of the THP staff members brought her to our attention, and we cannot be thankful enough. From her Instagram profile, Jessica is a deaf and disabled activist, amusingly British, LGBTQ+ advocate, and a lover of the vintage lifestyle.

Her vintage outfits and soft demeanor remind us of old-school Disney princesses, and we knew she was perfect for this list. If we were casting directors, we would be scooping her up for a new princess movie ASAP. Not only does she look the part, but her personality and the fact that she cares about various communities and wants to raise awareness just embody what it means to be a princess. We highly recommend checking out her Instagram and TikTok to learn more about the communities she advocates for.

You can find Jessica on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Bailey Sarian

Last but certainly not least is Bailey Sarian! We found Bailey through her YouTube series, Murder Mystery & Makeup, and we could not be happier that we found her. Not only is she stunning on her own, but her makeup skills are on another level. In our dreams, we can only imagine her being a bad*ss Disney princess with a love for makeup and tattoos. We have a few staff members at THP who are tatted, and we could only dream of this becoming a reality. We think it would be the bomb and need someone to write the script and cast Bailey right now

Not only does she have the look, she also is incredibly sweet and caring. We could listen to Bailey talk for the rest of our lives, and we wouldn’t be mad about it.

You can find Bailey Sarian on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

We wish we could have a movie where all of these beautiful princesses in this list could dress up and act like the princess we know they are. Can someone write the script, and we can get them all cast? We would drop mad money on a project like this. BRB runs to set up a GoFundMe! 🏃‍♀️

Did we miss your favorite influencer? Who else should have made our list? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP. We are also over on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of Disney

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