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jxdn Joining The Ranks Of Our Favorite Opening Acts

jxdn Joining The Ranks Of Our Favorite Opening Acts

Slowly but surely, the artists we love are announcing their return to the stage, and our serotonin is the highest it’s been in a year! Machine Gun Kelly announced his return for the Tickets To My Downfall Tour, which is slated to start in September, and we can hardly contain our excitement! Tickets To My Downfall is still an album we play daily, and we are more than ready to be in a sold-out venue screaming the words to ‘jawbreaker.’ One of our favorite parts about tour announcements has always been seeing who the opening acts will be, and wow! Machine Gun Kelly killed it with his pick for this tour! Joining him on tour will be jxdn! We need a minute. We are just crying a little bit.

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‘Angels & Demons’ is one of those songs we’ve been obsessed with since the day it came out, so the fact that we will get to hear it live is just a blessing. We know jxdn is going to kill it on this tour! He’s going to gain a whole new following and get to see some longtime fans, and we are just so pumped for him!

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Opening acts have always been a highlight of going to shows for us! You get to see smaller artists in these vast venues get all the love they deserve and get to discover new music! Throughout our years going to shows, we’ve seen some pretty incredible opening acts and thought we’d break down the ranks jxdn will be joining!

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Ed Sheeran – Red Tour

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Yes, we attended this tour. And no, we haven’t recovered even eight years later. Incredibly, there was a time you could see the biggest superstar on the planet, Taylor Swift, and the fastest rising male artist, and now global superstar Ed Sheeran under one roof. The concert was just pure unadulterated joy, and their joint performance of ‘Everything Has Changed’ was life-changing. They are real-life best friends so this lineup only made sense! Ed’s set consisted of him commanding the attention of the entire arena and serenading us in only a way he can.

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Post Malone – Purpose Tour

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Much like how we feel about jxdn, seeing Post Malone on tour is a dream scenario. His energy and talent are just unmatched, and that’s crystal clear when he’s onstage. Justin Bieber took him on tour before he was the Post Malone we know today, who could sell out a stadium in minutes. They have this incredible friendship with a deep love for one another, so it only makes sense that Justin, being the person he is, would introduce his audience to Post Malone in this way.

Hearing Post Malone’s first album live is something that if you’ve done, you need to cherish! It’s a pure gem of a record, and it’s not likely that he’ll play more than the hits again on a tour! We are eagerly waiting for Post to drop new tour dates!!

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5 Seconds of Summer – Take Me Home Tour

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We need a moment to mourn this time in our lives when you could see One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer on the same night. We really had things so easy back in 2013. Somehow we were lucky enough to catch them together, and yes, we still think about that night every day. We sang until we lost our voices and cried more than we thought humanely possible. And then, to our surprise, One Direction brought 5 Seconds of Summer back on tour for their Where We Are Tour?! We love best friends! We are still to this day thinking about them performing ‘Voodoo Doll.’

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DNCE – Revival Tour

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We love seeing two ex-Disney acts shine in one night! And that’s precisely what we got when Selena Gomez asked DNCE to open for her in what ended up being a concert we’d never forget! Their stage presence is unmatched. It’s infectious. They are jumping around the stage, having what is clearly the time of their lives, and it makes you want to do the same. Plus, hearing ‘Cake By The Ocean’ live is something we’d recommend everyone do at least once in their life! It’s such a crowd-pleaser that the Jonas Brothers even put it in their set!

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We would love to hear from you! Do you plan to see jxdn and Machine Gun Kelly on tour? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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