Mae Krell Drops ‘snow’ Balls Of Peace On New Single!

Mae Krell Drops ‘snow’ Balls Of Peace On New Single!

Days get warmer, but we still need some comfort, right? New York-based singer-songwriter Mae Krell is here with nostalgic nuances, from cold to better days. The new divine single ‘snow’ is out now, and it’s splendid!

A Walk In The Woods

Wonder what it feels like to take a walk in the woods in the winter? ‘snow’ by Mae Krell is the kind of song that wants us to be lost. It’s time to reflect on ourselves. With the help of Rachel Platten’s producer, Joey Auch, the New York-based multidisciplinary artist (Mae is also an incredible photographer!) brings a new perspective to self-love. While the previous track, ‘are you sure?’ enlightens the scary times of being surrounded by changes, ‘snow’ is more about living in peace with it.

Like Light Snow Falling

The piano kicks in gracefully on ‘snow.’ Melting slowly into sublime notes, we can think of the amazing recent recordings from Taylor Swift or Birdy. Every track Mae Krell creates grows in maturity from one to another. Any experience, even as a young artist, is so valid! The instrumentation grows into fragility, falling like light ‘snow’ peacefully in the winter season. 

Image source: Sarah Midkiff

Find Your Peace!

“I think I found what I’ve been looking for, and it was never in the snow,” Mae Krell sings with a mirror-like voice. The clear-cut vocals spikes in the air, giving chills. The melody is blissful, in between melancholy and bright tones. It’s peaceful and calming, so perfect for a relaxing night!

Listen to ‘snow’ below!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Evergreen Entertainment

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