Merci, Mercy Music Will Be ‘Something You Like’

Merci, Mercy Music Will Be ‘Something You Like’

We can’t be more thankful that this Australian artist came into our lives, no pun intended. Yes, Merci, Mercy means grateful and graceful. These two qualities represent in the new remix of ‘Something You Like’ by Bristol, England producer Henry Green. Is it better than the original? We bet!

Float In The Sky

Echoes float in the space. Our auditive senses are caught in the flow of ambient rhythms on this Henry Green remix of ‘Something You Like’ from Merci, Mercy. Like joyful bells ringing, the introduction calms and soothes our mood. We still feel the folk strings amongst the delicate beats levitating in the air. It’s pure magic!

Image source: courtesy of Liberation Records

Thank You For The Vibes!

Following the release of her EP no thank you, no thanks, Merci, Mercy pleased us with new groovy content. Many remixes from the hit songs have been released lately, and they are complete bops! We say thank you for the vibes to the Sydney singer-songwriter. From the bubbly and fun adventures with DJ Basenji on ‘Tequila & Lemonade’ to the upbeat Kygo-infused electronic loops on ‘Wonder What It Feels Like’ reworked by Noova, these works are lighting up the mood for sure. Listen to Basenji’s charming spells below.

A Dreamy Texture

Henry Green is the kind of producer that brings diaphanous music layers in the likes of London Grammar. Did you know the Bristol DJ even supported them on tour back in the days? On ‘Something You Like,’ he keeps the heartbreaking flavor of the Merci, Mercy track. Indeed, he paints through the acoustic samples vibrant dreamy emotions, fitting the anxiety and self-centered theme of the original song. In between the rhythmic fast lines, the notes fall like raindrops, and it’s simply majestic.

Get your night shifts sorted with these peaceful musical drifts! Stream or download here!

Are you more house party or deep ambiance? What do you think about the ‘Something You Like’ remix? Share your comments on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

Need more alternative versions to kick the party on? Let’s head here for more!


Featured image source: courtesy of Liberation Records

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