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Birdy Makes Us Feel Young At Heart

Birdy Makes Us Feel Young At Heart

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We are long-time fans of Birdy! She’s been mesmerizing us with her music since way back when we first heard her on the soundtrack to The Fault In Our Stars. Birdy has this calming way about her voice that makes listening to her such a pleasant experience. She’s a very unique voice in music today, and we couldn’t be happier to be writing about her newest project, Young Heart.

It’s been a long five years since we were blessed with Birdy’s last album, Beautiful Lies. Five years seems like a lifetime to go without a full-length project from her. But Young Heart is here, so this calls for a celebration! We have our tissues out and are ready to take this baby track by track! 

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Image Source: Lotta Boman
‘The Witching Hour – Intro’

Every album needs a perfect intro, and Birdy mastered that here. It feels almost fairytale-esque. It’s just instrumental and is only 49 seconds, but it’s beautiful. The birds chirping at the end was a nice touch.


We love that this track picks up with the birds chirping right where the intro left off. Birdy wrote ‘Voyager’ in Nashville with Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk the first time they all met. It’s so crazy that a song this good came out of a first meeting. ‘Voyager’ is a beautiful song that tells the story of someone leaving another person without that person knowing they’re being left. It’s tragic really, but as always, Birdy makes it sound stunning.


This track is almost haunting in the way it starts. We were waiting for the moment we’d start crying during the album, and this was it. What we took from ‘Loneliness’ was that it was all about being near someone but feeling so overwhelmed that you’d prefer ‘Loneliness.’ What a dark presence someone would need to have to rather be weighed down by the feeling of ‘Loneliness.’ And of course, Birdy sounds so beautiful, we know that will be a theme throughout the entire record.

Image Source: Lotta Boman
‘The Otherside’

Birdy described the track as otherworldly, and that’s right on the money. It’s one of the best tracks we’ve heard in the last year, and will definitely make our top three from this record. ‘The Otherside’ is all about that reassurance that we will all make it out on ‘The Otherside’ of the things we’re going through. It’s such a needed track after the year we’ve all had.


‘Surrender’ acts as the lead single from Young Heart, which totally makes sense after listening. It’s a little bit of everything we’ve heard so far from the record. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and showcases what an incredible voice Birdy has. We can certainly relate to the feeling of just wanting to ‘Surrender’ to someone. We know that feeling all too well.

Image Source: Lotta Boman
‘Nobody Knows Me Like You Do’

We are full-onugly crying, so please, excuse us. This song just hits so hard for us, and will for anyone who’s gone through a breakup recently. It’s so difficult to imagine your life without that person that knows you best, almost impossible. This track perfectly puts into words that sinking feeling. The line “Last night your eyes were bright again like when we first met. Tried to hide it but I knew right that you found somebody else” did us in and full-on broke us.”

‘River Song’

What a somber track- wow. It’s so soft, but not in a delicate bright way, more in a haunting, broken way. We are getting major Hunger Games soundtrack vibes from this one! And, of course, we’re so here for it. 

‘Second Hand News’

“I’m a book of mistakes” has got to be the most relatable lyrics we’ve ever heard. This track is certainly in our top three of this record. Birdy has once again shown up and showed out! She’s time and time again blowing our minds with her angelic voice and lyrics that hit us like a ton of bricks. 

Image Source: Lotta Boman
‘Deepest Lonely’

The effects put onto this track are straight-up insane! They add so much to the track and make it have such a unique tone. Birdy has said that this track is about what an introvert she is. Her brother even calls her “The Dark Cloud.” We are introverts as well, so can see so much of ourselves on this track.


We love to see this adorable love song come out of this record. A lot of it has focused so far on being lonely, and this is such a nice change of pace. The whole concept of comparing a person in your life to being your ‘Lighthouse’ is so precious.

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‘Chopin Waltz in A Minor (Interlude)’

This is just a short interlude, but much like the intro, is so beautiful.


This track takes the third spot on our top three list. Such an incredibly beautiful track with some of the best lyrics on the album. Birdy keeps proving more and more with every track what a stellar lyricist she is. The comparison of kisses being like ‘Evergreen’ is just incredible.

Image Source: Lotta Boman
‘Little Blue’

We had to listen to this song multiple times to hear the words over our tears. Birdy herself describes ‘Little Blue’ as the saddest song on the record, and boy was she right. She further went on to say how breakups are like grief because you can’t turn to that person anymore. And wow, we’ve never thought about it like that, but she’s so right.

‘Celestial Dancers’

What a beautiful expression of spirituality in a song. Birdy has said that she’s felt a connection to something when she’s writing ever since she was young! This track is all about asking whatever that something is, questions. And in turn, hoping for answers to those questions. It’s one of the only tracks we’ve heard with this concept, but we love it.

‘New Moon’

What an uplifting hopeful song and concept- that tomorrow there will be a ‘New Moon.’ Things will reset, and it will be a brand new day. It’s so hopeful to think about it that way. This is a track we are going to come back to quite a bit, especially when things are getting heavy in our lives. We needed a track like this to come into our lives right at this moment.

‘Young Heart’

Title tracks always have a really high bar to meet, but this track exceeded that bar. We can see why the album’s name came straight from this song. Birdy has described this as a goodbye song, a farewell from someone who is still young and growing. When you’re young, you’re constantly reminded that you have so much life to live. It feels like this track came after that realization.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from Young Heart? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Lotta Boman

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