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Debut EP’S Are Always A Reason To Celebrate! Let’s Talk All About Typical Of Me By Laufey

Debut EP’S Are Always A Reason To Celebrate! Let’s Talk All About Typical Of Me By Laufey

Whenever we get the chance to celebrate an artist’s debut project, you know we are going all in! Debut projects set the tone for your career, and lucky for Laufey Typical of Me is beyond stellar! We knew upon seeing that Billie Eilish and Willow Smith had given her song ‘Street By Street’ the approval that we were in for a treat! Typical of Me is a knockout. It’s just facts. The EP consists of seven tracks which is the perfect sweet spot for an EP. Not too long but not so short that can’t fully be immersed in it.

Laufey, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a 21-year-old Icelandic-Chinese singer-songwriter who attended The Berklee College of Music. Talk about impressive! She plays so many instruments it definitely makes us feel slightly unaccomplished.

Stream Typical of Me here!

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Image Source: Blythe Thomas

‘Street by Street’

This is the track that earned the praise from two of the best in the business, Billie Eilish and Willow Smith. That’s when you know a song is about to go off! Right off the bat, Laufey sounds so unbelievably stunning. The track is very calming and feels like something we could listen to while taking a walk through a big city on a nice spring day. The message of ‘Street by Street’ is all about letting go of the way you associate places in your city with an ex you experienced that place with. If you’re a fan of the song ‘Cornelia Street’ by Taylor Swift imagine the exact opposite of that track, you’d have ‘Street By Street’ by Laufey. Laufey is saying here that she’s taking back her city and won’t let a guy be the reason she throws it away. We love to see it!


Wow, this track is so soft and delicate. It’s calming as well but in a much different way than ‘Street by Street.’ We would classify this track as ‘coffee house music’ in the best possible way. This is what you want to listen to while it’s raining and you’re drinking a latte. The message of ‘Magnolia’ is all about comparing yourself to another girl, wanting so badly to be able to compete with her perfection. And believe us, we can relate! We feel like anyone can see themselves as Laufey in this situation looking at someone they see as the all-around best and being so envious. We’re going to go cry now excuse us.

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‘Like The Movies’

The piano will forever and always be one of our favorite instruments to hear utilized let’s be clear on that right away! Here on ‘Like The Movies’ it’s the most beautiful choice and feels like we’re in an old Hollywood movie while listening along. We can all relate to feeling like real life will never live up to the movies right? Feeling like love like Noah and Allie just doesn’t exist anywhere but on the big screen so why bother. We can definitely relate all too much to Laufey with this one. If it’s not the Edward and Bella type love we simply don’t want it.

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‘I Wish You Love’

We do have to say if we could imagine one song playing while we suntan in the French Riviera it would be this one. For us, it automatically feels like a summer song without being outwardly bubbly or bright. The whole message of ‘I Wish You Love’ is wishing someone Laufey clearly loves so much, only good things. It’s a tragic track when you really listen to the words and hear her singing about setting him free and singing about her “breaking heart.” But aside from her broken heart, she wishes this person love and that takes so much strength.


Laufey was down bad for ‘James’ until she realized he was a waste of time, and if that isn’t an accurate depiction of our love life we don’t know what is. We love how pointed this track is, when ‘James’ hears it or even anyone who knows him there will be no denying it’s about him. Only the best songwriters like Laufey can write a song this honestly and have it be this beautiful. Also, we can’t get over her calling his voice sickening. Drag him!

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‘Someone New’

We truly can’t think of anyone with a voice like Laufey in the industry today. She really does sing like an old soul, it’s so beautiful and timeless. Truly there isn’t a way to count how many times we’ve felt exactly how Laufey is singing about feeling in ‘Someone New.’ Every time a relationship comes to an end there is this overwhelming feeling that we’ll never find someone new. However, where we differ is that her spirals begin right on cue and ours certainly do not! They begin at the drop of a hat whenever they please!

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‘Best Friend’

“I have never tolerated someone for so long” is exactly our tell of when we love someone. If we tolerate you that’s love baby! This song is just a beautiful fluff piece. We simply can’t get over how cute it is and how sweet every lyric is. We will be sending this to our person when we meet them, it’s just that good. We have to give the title of a favorite track on the EP to this one!

We would love to hear from you! What was your favorite track on Typical of Me by Laufey? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Blythe Thomas

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