Eric Nam And Sarah Barrios Ask ‘Have We Met Before’ In New Emotional Collaboration

Eric Nam And Sarah Barrios Ask ‘Have We Met Before’ In New Emotional Collaboration

When it comes to heartbreakingly beautiful tracks, no one can do it quite like Eric Nam. Add Sarah Barrios to the mix, and you are guaranteed to have a song that hits you right in the soul. That is what we get with their new collaboration, ‘Have We Met Before?’

Image Source: Eric Nam via Twitter

The song is about feeling like you know someone you just met, a feeling that we are all too familiar with. But it’s more than just casually passing by a stranger. The lyrics help to illustrate the moment of déjà vu and the feeling that you knew this person in another lifetime. ‘Have We Met Before?’ captures the sense that at one point in time, not only did the two of you know each other, but your connection to each other was a strong one, a loving one. 

Eric and Sarah’s vocals are (of course) the stars of the track. Sarah’s sweet rasp mixed with Eric’s velvet voice pairs almost too well. With the piano and violin as the background music, we’re left with a melancholy feeling. But, it’s a feeling we don’t mind experiencing because of how beautiful this song is. 

But, surprise, Eric and Sarah have met before. Sarah co-wrote Eric’s song ‘I Don’t Miss You’ back in 2018. If you haven’t checked out Sarah yet, her latest track, ‘Pretty in Pink,’ released last month (and we highly recommend you listen). 

And Eric you may ask? Well he has been none-stop himself. Eric released his last EP, The Other Side, last summer. Most recently, he and his brother, Eddie, developed the app MINDSET, where artists can share their stories and provide them and listeners a place to be open about mental health. You can check out MINDSET here (and don’t forget to check out his podcast K-pop Daebak with Eric Nam also!)

You can stream the ‘Have We Met Before?’ here!

So, did you listen to the track? What did you think of ‘Have We Met Before?’ Let us know what you think in the comments below or comment down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Sarah Barrios via Twitter

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