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Grace Gaustad Seeks Another Lovely Planet To Stay In!

Grace Gaustad Seeks Another Lovely Planet To Stay In!

Do you ever wish for a getaway so far that nobody can find you? Leave Earth for Jupiter on the brand new sophomore EP from Grace Gaustad. The singer-songwriter shifts in a world like never before on Welcome To Jupiter 1.0. Let’s discover some more!

‘Out Of Time’

Money can buy lots of things. Though, does it buy happiness? “Sophisticated lifestyles, sad behind a wide smile, hearts are broken before they open”, Grace Gaustad sings on the opener of the EP, ‘Out Of Time’. Co-written with Scott Effman, (Sofia Reyes, Sam Feldt), the song is about the deeper side of our thoughts. Are superficial thoughts important? We don’t think so! Grace portrays how to get rid of worrying about the wrong things. The repetitive rhymes and the vocal prowess echoes in the dark. The upbeat electronic loops keep waving in our minds. We surf into dreamy pop clouds during three minutes of celestial pleasure.

‘No You To Me’

Grace Gaustad started going viral with her covers of Elton John’s ‘Rocketman’ and Hozier’s ‘Take Me To Church.’ This song, ‘No You To Me’, is that ballad everyone wishes for. Fans of the latest Amy Shark single, you should pay attention to that track! You won’t be deceived! With solid sensibility, the singer shares a story about how your feelings can’t change. You love someone, but at some point, it doesn’t work. What do you do? Unfortunately, some of us try to find these people we love in others. We stick to what we lost instead of moving on. Everything happens for a reason. We can’t control this. The piano and the voice are melting perfectly together. It shows such a frailty side of the song. Enjoy the acoustic version that Grace gave us back in March below.


It’s time to spread your wings and fly. Adulthood isn’t easy. Remember when childhood was full of simple things? We just want to take the trouble-free steps to advance in our lives. Sometimes, hints of nostalgia come around. We try to remember when times weren’t that complicated. Grace Gaustad is completely aware of this! She proves it when she sings beautifully on the track ‘Freedom’. She wants us to be conscient that, no matter what, liberty is near us. The ethereal guitars float in our minds. Peacefully, the sound reassures us; her voice is full of soul. What to say about her high notes! They are tearful, like what we find in Anne-Marie’s latest collaboration with JJ Lin, ‘Bedroom’.


The song is the latest single from Grace Gaustad and it’s an absolute stunner. The deep lyricism reminds us of Julia Michaels, being fond of diverse experiences. ‘Oxygen’ is telling us a story of hope and strength. The track is an emotional tribute to her mother, who was a pillar during difficult times. Through the pain, there is always someone near to help us. Breathe in, breathe out and relax. Grace Gaustad’s vocals are exhilarating and we can’t get enough of her heavenly tones. Directed by Ben Gagliardi, the video shows the vulnerable edge of the song. In all sobriety, we see through the emotions. Watch the clip here.

Like what you hear? Get the EP right away here while waiting for her debut album, BLKBX, due later this year! You won’t regret it! Tell us what is your favorite track out of it! Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or write us on Facebook or Instagram.

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