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Hayley Kiyoko Has Found A Friend Within Herself

Hayley Kiyoko Has Found A Friend Within Herself

We are trying to reign in our excitement at this moment and failing terribly! New Hayley Kiyoko music is finally here!

We have been long-time fans of Hayley Kiyoko following her career from the Disney days, to The Fosters, to her career as a full-on pop star! She hasn’t had a miss in her career, and every track has been stellar!

Hayley Kiyoko has created such an incredible career for herself by being so authentically herself in her music. She’s very open with her sexuality, being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and that’s created such a safe space for fans. She’s made so many people feel represented in art where they may not normally find representation.

Her newest track that we’re about to dive into, ‘Found My Friends’ continues that pattern.

Stream ‘Found My Friends’ here!

Image via Warner Music

Image Source: GIPHY

‘Found My Friends’ is a track we instantly connect with. It’s so easy to be down on yourself and to be as Hayley Kiyoko puts it “your own worst enemy”, but it’s a lot more fulfilling when you realize you can actually be your own best friend. ‘Found My Friends’ is all about that realization. It’s all about learning to depend on yourself, and build the most beautiful relationship with yourself!

As always Hayley Kiyoko has made the perfect pop track. Even after the first listen we already knew that this would be a track we’d be blaring all summer long. After the year we’ve all had, if there’s any silver lining we can paint on it, it’s that we’ve had the time to come to the same conclusions we see Hayley Kiyoko come to in ‘Found My Friends’.

We’ve all had so much time to just fall in love with ourselves and see all of our best qualities, that’s something to be celebrated. So turn ‘Found My Friends’ up to max volume and celebrate this anthem of self-love.

Hearing this track has made us so excited for whatever is coming next from our girl Hayley Kiyoko! We know whatever that is, is going to blow us away and make us even bigger stans than we already are!

Image via Trevor Flores

Image Source: Trevor Flores

We are going to need everyone to go watch this music video immediately, we think it might be our favorite video from Hayley Kiyoko yet! It’s glamourous and shows Hayley Kiyoko in the most incredible orange two-piece we’ve ever seen.

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We are obsessed with how much dancing is in this video. It makes us want to get up and dance around the room to this track as well right along with Hayley. The whole concept of looking in the mirror at yourself and realizing that you’ve found your friends because you are your own friend is just incredible. We loved the entire messaging behind the video.

We hope you guys loved ‘Found My Friends’ by Hayley Kiyoko as much as we did! Hopefully, it was as impactful as we found it!

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Featured Image Source: Trevor Flores

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