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Hey Rosellas, We Think You’re A Star!

Hey Rosellas, We Think You’re A Star!

One of the many privileges of getting to write about our passion for music here at The Honey POP is being introduced to local and independent artists and bands, who are bursting with potential and just waiting for their big break. We adore giving them the spotlight they deserve and introducing them to you all. So, when this up-and-coming band from Manchester in North-West England fell across our desk with a lovely message from their drummer Mark, we, of course, dove headfirst into their music. Spoiler alert, we are obsessed. THP family, meet Rosellas, Rosellas, meet our THP family!

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Who are Rosellas?

Rosellas are a five-piece band, with members Drew, Euan, Ollie, Luis, and Mark, all hailing from Manchester in the North-West of England (just around the corner from some of our THP HQ team!). They’re local lads, with a shared love for music, which shines through in the sound they have created. They’re a load of guitars in a world full of synths, bringing in the progressive rock inspirations of Manchester in the ’90s with slick instrumentals and edgy vocals. We’re getting vibey influences of Arctic Monkey’s, The Lathums (Okay, they’re technically Wigan, but still), The Beatles (Okay, that’s Liverpool, but it’s pretty bloody close!), and Oasis. And that’s pretty fitting considering they supported Liam Gallagher on tour, too! Rosellas have gone from playing small local pubs to gigging around the city to hundreds. Next step – thousands, and we’ll be right there cheering them on!

Image Source: Rosellas Official Facebook

There’s just something that hits different about artists and bands sticking with their actual accents, and that’s exactly what Rosellas gives us – it provides such an authentic sense of who this band is- a talented bunch of British lads! So often, song vocals are void of regional or local accents, with many artists opting for more universal pronunciation, but Rosellas aren’t here for that. That’s their accent, live with it. It follows many current British artists, such as Louis Tomlinson, taking ownership of their accented vocals, and we think it adds such a warm character to Rosellas’ sound. Now, we just need them to get the record deal, and the massive fan base they deserve – that’s you! You’re up, THP family- make it happen!

We’ve Found ‘Common Ground’ with Rosellas!

We cannot wait for you to check our Rosellas, and you can do that right now, with their brand new single ‘Common Ground.’ We think you should get streaming it right now, here. and we’ll send you cookies if you do! (Cookies may contain traces of nuts and false advertising!). We got our hands on it, and we’ve been playing it about 21 times a day ever since! It’s guitar-driven, British rock at its finest. Before we get into our obviously very scientific analysis of the song, we need to talk about the production! We’re kinda over ‘overproduced’ music at this point, and considering we’re in a state of live music bereavement, we want music that sounds like music. Enter ‘Common Ground’ to scratch that itch for us. It’s atmospheric, raw, and authentic- crisp yet unmanufactured, and it adds such warmth to the track. 

‘Common Ground’ is an incredible introduction to Rosellas. It’s the A-side track, as it should be, and it’s heavy- just as we like it! We’ve gone back and forth on what the song means lyrically, but we’ve landed on it being about the impact of losing someone from your life who made you feel okay, and how you fall apart when they’re gone (Lads, if you’re reading this, either tell us we’re right or don’t @ us if we’re wrong!). Melodically, the guitars in this track are wonderfully filthy and really set the tone for what to expect from this band. We want more!

They’re not done!

Joking, we’ve already got more! ‘Baby You’re A Star’ and ‘Don’t Let It Pass You By’ are the B-side tracks. We’re just gonna get this out of the way now, ‘Baby You’re A Star’ is our favorite song, hands down. The raspy vocals, quite honestly, made us make an audible noise, and that electric guitar riff was just hot. The drums are heavy and thick, giving this track a very rocky vibe, while also treating us to a slower tempo, and we appreciate that slight change of direction. And excuse us, this is a message to Rosellas- are you messing with that piano solo at the end? That stopped us in our tracks. It’s absolutely stunning! 

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Song two from the B-side, ‘Don’t Let It Pass You By,’ brings the tempo down again, while ramping up the feelings! With these three tracks alone, we feel like we know Rosellas sound so well! ‘Baby You’re A Star’ showcases truly sublime instrumentals. And it’s more emotional than we expected- it’s got us in the feels a bit, to be honest. A rock ballad reminding us to go on, to live life, and to shine in the face of whatever the future throws at us. Thanks, Rosellas, we needed that!

It’s just the start for Rosellas!

We cannot wait to see what comes next for this band. As It’s All Indie previously said, “I swear this is a band waiting to be signed by someone big, judging by the quality of their work, it’ll be no time before they are signed.” We couldn’t agree more. We’re very serious here with this advice, watch this space! We think big things will be coming for Rosellas, and we can’t wait to support them on that journey! We want to see you doing the same! We mean, come on- their logo is a bee, and you know we’re pretty fond of them here at The Honey POP!

Just had your introduction to Rosellas? We want to know your thoughts! Comment below, or come and hype them with us by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook.

Want more music to sink your teeth into? We’ve got you boo!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Rosellas

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