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Carsie Blanton Is Making Our Love & Rage Into Music

Carsie Blanton Is Making Our Love & Rage Into Music

Carsie Blanton, the writer of the anthems for the world, has brought to us one of the most inspiring and incredible albums that we are going to have this year!

Through the last couple of years, the world has been passing through some hard times that have made all of us open our eyes through reality. In the numerous protests, screams for justice, and cry for a better world, we have seen how the world has come together to seek a better planet.

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Love & Rage is a pop-punk and jazz album when we can hear the melodic and unique voice of Carsie Blanton. It takes you through the songs that talk about what we have experienced this last year. With her sense of optimism and humor, she leaves her little mark in every song that walks you through these movements around the world.

The 11-track album is a complete masterpiece that has touch every single soul at THP headquarters. Using a non-common sound, she has captured us through her melody and through her lyrics that are honest and with no filters. You can stream it right here, right now! Every single track in the album is mind-blowing, but here are our four favorite songs that literally own us:

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‘Party At The End Of The World’

Being the perfect way to open her album, ‘Party At The End Of The World’ is letting us hear the new sound of the singer. The delightful and eclectic song is an exceptional mix of the beautiful voice Carsie Blanton has with the catchy melody. It is having all of us performing around our house, just enjoying life and enjoying the moment.

‘Be Good’

The song is a joyful and grandiose song that is reminding us that we need to treat people with kindness. To ‘Be Good’ to the people and love everybody. Besides giving us a full feeling of hope and calm, the song is one of our favorites thanks to the beautiful message it carries and the melody that is making us move side to side.

‘Sh*t List’

One of the most active songs through the album, this track is having us making small performances in front of our mirror with our shampoo as a microphone. Taking all of our rage and fear of those people that are threatening our world, ‘Sh*t List’ is the perfect song to let our every insecurity of safety that we hide every day.

‘Be So Bad’

A song that will transport you into another world, ‘Be So Bad’, is a great track that shows us what a wholly unique artist Carsie Blanton is. Having a flawless and catchy sound, the tune has captured us! And has us repeating the song again and again, cause we are never getting tired of it. Please, how can we get tired of the angelic voice and lyrical talent of Carsie? Long live the queen of this year´s music.

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What An Inspiration!

Also, music is not just one of the best things Carsie Blanton is good at. She is one of the most inspiring people all around the globe. Looking to create a change, the singer has tried to support different non-profit or mutual aid organizations working for justice. She is an amazing person that wants to create the best change possible with her music. Carsie is someone to surely admire as a person and as a singer. We don’t deserve her.

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We are not lying when we say that Love & Rage is a masterpiece and one of the best albums this year so far! Tell us your thoughts on the album. And don´t forget to tune with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Shervin Lainez

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