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Noel Gallagher Flies High With His Birds

Noel Gallagher Flies High With His Birds

“Tonight, I’m a rock’n’roll star,” he once writes in his massive career. Noel Gallagher is still solid in the music industry. Hit after hit, he penned the tremendous ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Wonderwall’ with his brother Liam. Now, thirty years after the first Oasis early stages and more than ten years since he flew with his solo project, the mighty one is back with some greatest hits compilation and a new single.

A Nostalgic Throwback!

Noel Gallagher revisits this summer a decade of work. Time flies, we always say. Relive some of the Manchester rocker’s best moments from rock to ballads. Nostalgia is hitting us hard! Not only one but two or three CDs, depending on the buying option you choose. Lots of incredible bundles are available to pre-order here. Get ready for some Beatles-infused rock, blues, and electronic ventures from the legendary and iconic Oasis founder. 

We jam a lot to the Britpop ballads. ‘Everybody’s On The Run‘ and ‘If I Had A Gun…‘ with the emotional strain brought by the strings and the thriving guitars. What makes it more interesting is that, even if Noel evolved in a rock world, he explored a few electronic elements on ‘Black Star Dancing.’ He also teamed up with Belfast, Ireland pioneer DJ David Holmes on his 2017’s record Who Built The Moon. The compilation out on June 11th proves that it’s only the beginning and more genius tracks are about to come!

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“The title just came to me one afternoon, at the kitchen table. It’s a saying isn’t it: ‘back the way we came’. I actually thought it was a great title. Which is why it’s got vol 1. Because if there’s another one, I’m not coming up with another title.”

Noel Gallagher explains about the record

Watch the trailer to open up your music appetite here!

Another Timeless Classic!

Noel Gallagher never forgets his musical roots. The new record will also be available as a deluxe version with some extra tracks. Archived outtakes, remixes, and alternate instrumental versions will be available full package for the ultimate fans. We will also get two more exclusive tracks (they’ll appear on the regular version, no worries!). Can’t wait to hear them? For now, ‘Flying On The Ground’ is hidden in the vault, but you can enjoy immediately ‘We’re On Our Way Now.’ The profound lyrics, along with the smooth harmonies, catch our attention. “Good luck in the afterlife, I hear the morning sun, doesn’t cast no shadow,” the Manchester singer-songwriter hums delicately in the song. Is it a little glimpse of his oldie from What’s The Story Morning Glory?, maybe? The piece is wonderfully built around the guitar chords, in all the melancholia, but also with hope. We can stand up after hard times, and this track makes us look at the stars and smile. Listen to ‘ We’re On Our Way Now’ here.

Lovely, isn’t it? Download or stream, wherever you want, over here! ‘We’re On Our Way Now’ for the summer! Let us know your plans! Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or write us on Facebook or Instagram.

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