We Love Ella Rosa’s Version Of ‘English Man In New York!’

We Love Ella Rosa’s Version Of ‘English Man In New York!’

Ella Rosa has blown our minds with her version of one of Sting’s classic ‘Englishman in New York’. Even though we are truly attached to the classics, we cannot argue that Ella has taken over this single with her spice.

From being an opera singer in Henley-on-Thames, her transition around the globe to the beautiful Manhattan has brought us the new R&B style that the singer uses in her music. Telling us through her songs, she takes us on her emotional journey in traveling around the world, moving between countries, and the different challenges she has faced in these plot twists that, in turn, changed her life completely.

She Re-invented One of Sting’s Classics!

The British artist has brought us a new version of one of our favorite Sting’s songs, letting us hear this song in a more modern beat combined with the incredible voice that Ella Rosa has. Also, the way she has owned this song with her version is just amazing! We are loving what she is doing with this single!

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After hearing this new version of ‘English Man in New York,’ we have fallen in love with Ella’s stunning voice! She has found a new era to bring to this iconic classic! The song is just one part of the big project that she is bringing to us, and we can’t wait to know more. If you are loving her new release as much as we do, get ready because this is just a first taste! Stream the single below or here!

The Waiting Starts…

We are so excited about what Ella Rosa is preparing for us! In the meantime, we are continuing to stream her incredible EP Yellow Blazer, where you can find some of the amazing tracks that Ella has released such as ‘Myself’ and ’24 Hours’.

Listen to Yellow Blazer here!

Are you obsessed with Ella Rosa’s version as much as we are? Tell us everything in the comments, and don’t forget to tune in with us on our social media @TheHoneyPop for more news from the incredible Ella Rose!

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