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Guess Who is Back… It’s ITZY

Guess Who is Back… It’s ITZY

It’s no secret ITZY owned 2020 like very few did – with only two comebacks they established themselves even more as one of the most iconic girl groups ever. After the success of ‘Not Shy’, ITZY is finally back with their fourth mini-album, GUESS WHO, and its title track: ‘In the morning’.

And if you thought you had seen everything from them, you are so far from right.

GUESS WHO's Digital Cover
Image source: JYP Entertainment via ITZY’s official Twitter account (@ITZYofficial)

ITZY Is Back!

‘In the morning’, or ‘마.피.아. In the morning’ for its full name, sets itself apart from every ITZY song released to date. It’s darker, more mature, and somehow sassier, and it has a somewhat psychedelic feel to it, but it’s just as addictive as every ITZY song. It truly shows a new side of them while keeping what we love the most from them: the sass in their singing plus incredible and innovative choreography, and so much more.

The big highlight of the song is by far the bridge, where their main vocalist, Lia, showcases her incredible and powerful vocals and where the choreography gets even more interesting. ITZY is known to be one of the best groups out there when it comes to dancing, and it’s not only their capabilities and talent, but it’s also about how innovative their choreographies are. Every choreography makes the song a whole new experience and this might be one of the best ones for sure. With the latter outfit, the mafia concept, the different settings, the vocals – everything leaves such an impact.

Nothing more to say than: ITZY is back.

The B-Sides

Now the b-sides are not to be forgotten either, especially because it seems like they get better with every release.

‘KIDDING ME’ is a track that follows along the lines of the title track and complements it perfectly, with this darker vibe to it. Meanwhile, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and ‘Wild Wild West’ are two empowering and unapologetic anthems. ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ falls more into the countryside of music (mixed with pop and that ITZY signature sound), while ‘Wild Wild West’ has a western feel to it with its guitar riff. The fifth track in GUESS WHO is probably the most original in the album. ‘SHOOT!’ is a more mysterious and subtle track about seduction where they once again empower themselves, and it’s mixed with a strong Latin influence. 

ITZY finishes this album with ‘TENNIS 0:0’, a much chiller song with a simple acoustic guitar, yet the chorus differs from the verses and takes from different influences making it surprising and uplifting, but fitting. In other words, it isn’t your typical ballad song. The album ends showcasing the power of their sweet vocals, totally clashing totally with the dark first song – but it only shows how versatile these girls are.

GUESS WHO shows so many different sides of ITZY that have never been seen before. And it only shows that with only two years since their debut, they have so much more to show regardless of how successful they already are.

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ITZY Group Concept Photo
Image source: JYP Entertainment via ITZY’s official Twitter account (@ITZYofficial)

What are your thoughts on ITZY’s new comeback? What’s your favorite b-side in GUESS WHO? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured image source: JYP Entertainment via ITZY’s official Twitter account (@ITZYofficial)

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