Picture This Launch Your House Party!

Picture This Launch Your House Party!

Do you feel a little bit down today? We’ve got the music to boost your mood! Ireland’s Picture This has been working non-stop and has released a new pop gem! ‘LA House Party’ demystifies all the clichés in a fun way. They smashed their US debut early in 2021, performing ‘Things Are Different,’ on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Now, they’ve dropped the ultimate cheer-up song. It grows on us!

Get The Party Started!

Picture This’ craft grooves, they proved it yet again! A year following their hit, ‘Troublemaker,’ they strike again. Recently signed to Jonas Brother Joe Jonas’s label, Let’s Get It Records, we know this band could earn lots of success. ‘LA House Party’ is such a catchy guitar pop song. The sun is out, no doubt about it, and while we listen, we feel it on this sparkling track. The joyful guitars glide to the wonderful harmonies created by Ryan Hennessy and the bunch. The moving sounds bring happiness and smiles. We just want to find our friends and jam to the rhythmic bops of the track.

The Sun Is Out!

What does it feel like to live in a superficial world? ‘LA House Party’ is lyrically refreshing, making fun of the high-class community clichés. Drop the confetti like Little Mix and raise your glasses to an epic dance-rock track. Let’s enjoy the weekend and hope it will never be Almost Monday (fans of this latest band, keep an eye on Picture This!).

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Stay True To Yourself!

Surrounded by store mannequins, the Irish quartet sings about girls who are too pretty, posting selfies, drinking vodka on ice, and living their best life on The Hills. “I don’t wanna live like, all these people here, Keep your vodka on ice, while I disappear. I don’t wanna live like, all these people here, ‘Cause they’re really weird” sings Ryan Hennessy on the earworm chorus from ‘LA House Party.’ It’s okay to want to feel cooler, but at what price? Just stay true to yourself and feel the flow. Watch the official video here.

Of course, ‘LA House Party’ will multiply on playlists and you can make it your own here. What’s the funniest thing that happened to you at a party? Share your stories on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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