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They Say The Grass Is Always Greener But The Only Place We Want To Be Is Here With Boy In Space And The Frontyard EP

They Say The Grass Is Always Greener But The Only Place We Want To Be Is Here With Boy In Space And The Frontyard EP

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Boy In Space has finally released his debut EP, and it’s everything we could’ve asked for and dreamed it would be. It was more than worth the wait, and we can’t seem to feed our souls enough of its deliciousness. He planted a small seed, and it grew into a luscious garden of expressive and hypnotic musical flower blossoms.

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We’ve talked about Boy In Space before, even giving you our top songs for your playlists, but he is definitely in our top three on the rise artists, and after having listened to this EP- we stand by that! This EP is going to put him on the map within the industry, his fame is going to skyrocket, and we can’t wait to watch him finally get the recognition he deserves! About the EP, Boy In Space says:

For me, the ‘FRONTYARD’ EP feels like a time machine. I really tried to go backwards in time in a sense when it comes to influence and sound. It represents my musical core in the best way possible.

Boy In Space on the Frontyard EP

Image Source: EP cover art/ Firefly Entertainment/AWAL Recordings America, Inc

Frontyard EP is a collection of seven early-2000s inspired, punchy pop tracks with heart-wrenching lyrics, accompanied by Robin’s (Boy In Space) passionate and captivating voice. This is the first EP released in a two-part EP series with the 2nd one set for release later this year! Not only are we fully obsessed with his songwriting but his voice gives us goosebumps and always puts us in a state of serenity and wonder. You’ll see exactly what we mean as we walk through the EP and talk about the tracks! So, let’s get into it! 

‘Dance Alone’

One of the first singles released from this EP, ‘Dance Alone’ is a catchy, mid-tempo dance track with honest, raw lyrics about living life at full speed, and not slowing down. As life becomes redundant, we start to feel numb and lonely- we pretend we’re fine, but, in reality, we feel like we’re dancing alone in a crowded space. We’ve felt that way on many occasions and we know it’s going to resonate with many of you as well!

“We all stay young
With what we know
And then complain we’re on our own
For all our phones
And dirty clothes
Pretend we’re fine and dance alone”

‘Picking Flowers’

Is someone cutting onions in here, and do you have a tissue because we are sobbing! This song is beautifully sad, and if it doesn’t break your heart for him, we are pretty sure you’re a robot. This song will make even the non-criers shed a tear or two as Boy In Space sings poetically about putting on a façade after losing someone. You’re not okay at all but you pretend you are, you miss them and life seems pointless without them. It resonates with us and is heartbreakingly beautiful

“I say I’m fine, but I’m lyin’ half the time.
I say I’m cool but how could I be.
I say I’m over it, not over it at all, stuck in between it all”

‘Sucker Punch’

‘Sucker Punch’ is Boy In Space’s latest single, released alongside the new EP, and like the other two singles, you’ll find yourself singing along to this one constantly. It’s got such a fun beat to it that makes you want to dance around your house singing into a hairbrush for anyone and no one at the same time. It’s the perfect pop single and introduction to Boy In Space!

“I’ve been thinking of you when I’m in the dark
I could be the one to take you to the stars
You’re beautiful and I’m a bad liar
You’re all out of luck and I’m the supplier
I’ve been thinking about you whеn I’m all alone


Our favorite thing about Boy In Space is his unbelievable songwriting. In a song like ‘Roses,’ he tells a story so flawlessly through his poetic lyrics, and it showcases how much talent he has radiating throughout his entire being. He makes you feel his emotions with every note he sings, and that instrumental climax from soft, piano ballad to a mid-tempo, pop dream hits different. Trust us, our feels have taken the biggest hit with this song!

Sometimes sunshine, go away
Don’t lie, it’s all on your face
Baby, I know you’re cut open
When the tears fall, I’m leaving you roses”

‘Remember Me’

Another single previously released from this EP, this song is such an earworm tune, and we are constantly singing it. Boy In Space uses this song to showcase how unbelievably out-of-this-world his vocals are. From start to finish, every note hit makes the sun shine brighter and the angels sing a little louder. It’s the perfect addition to all of your playlists- guaranteed.

“Stuck in my head like melodies
Can’t get you out, no remedy
Wish I could wipe my memory, uh
And I will burn like gasoline
Just light the match, I’ll be your fiend
And when I’m gone, remember me
Remember me”

‘Save Me’

We adore the guitar riffs throughout this entire song. The beat is so fun and unique, and it makes this song feel like an entire genre all its own. But that’s not surprising, that creative sound with twists and turns away from the “in-the-box pop” is Boy In Space’s specialty. It’s one of the things we fell in love with him over, and this song undeniably showcases that!

“Save me, somebody please just save me
Tryna ease my brain with chemicals inside my lungs
Yeah, yeah
And daisies don’t grow around me latеly
Somebody just get me off this dirty parking lot (uh-uh-uh)
Somеbody just save me, save me, save me
Kinda been low lately, always rainy”

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‘Dead End’

Boy In Space is very good at bringing the feels. Every song on this EP makes us feel like a ball of emotion, and ‘Dead End’ is no exception. In this song, he sings about relationships that could be or were a “dead end” and how hopeless it feels to be in that position. Again, relatable, which is another songwriting aspect Boy In Space does very well- using personal aspects to tell a story through his music. It’s the perfect song to end this intimate EP, and ties it all up flawlessly.

“Somebody loved you
Somebody set the truth on fire
And it was me
A tragedy, yeah, I believe I wanna find out
So burst my bubble, I’m falling to the ground now
Down on my knees
And I’m just caught up in”

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There you have it, Honey Poppers! A full rundown of the Frontyard EP! We wouldn’t change a single thing about it (other than for it to go on forever, obviously), and we can’t wait to see what the next EP in this series has to offer us! Until then, continue to stream this one here

What do you think of Boy In Space and his debut EP Frontyard? Which song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Boy In Space via Instagram

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