TXT’s Most Memorable ‘Blue Hour’ Performances

TXT’s Most Memorable ‘Blue Hour’ Performances

It’s been six months since the release of one of TXT‘s most iconic songs: ‘Blue Hour,’ and since then it has been living rent-free in our minds. While we wait patiently for TXT’s new comeback set on May 31st, let’s look back at four of the most memorable ‘Blue Hour’ performances!

TXT's 'Blue Hour' Concept photo
Image source: Big Hit Entertainment

Mnet’s Asian Music Awards

The first performance on our list is none other than TXT’s performance of ‘Blue Hour‘ at the 2020 MAMA. With a piano-based introduction to their song, TXT presented a colorful stage that brought to life the song and its music video – with a Ferris wheel in the back and the pink aesthetic. They brought so much color and happiness to the stage. This stage was impossible to forget after MAMA ended.

2020 KBS Song Festival

In their stage for KBS’ Song Festival, TXT added something new right before performing ‘Blue Hour.’ They covered the 2004 ballad: ‘Hug,’ by TVXQ. Their cover was incredible as they showcased their vocals, and we can honestly say that they did the song justice – which isn’t something easy to do. They then performed their own song, ‘Blue Hour,’ with its iconic dance break, and honestly who knew two songs released almost 15 years apart could fit so well in one performance.

2020 SBS Gayo Daejeon in Daegu

And talking about covers… Of course, we couldn’t leave this one out.

TXT took on one of the most iconic songs by SHINee: ‘Sherlock.’ With detective-like outfits, TXT proved once again what an amazing vocal group they are and covered this song incredibly. But as much as that on its own was iconic, their cover transitioned seamlessly into not only ‘Blue Hour‘ but a Christmas version of ‘Blue Hour’ – giving a twist to the song that we had never seen before.

2020 Melon’s Music Awards

And last, but definitely not least, this is probably not only one of the most memorable but also the most important ‘Blue Hour’ performance.

They opened their MMA performance with ‘Puma’ – a much darker b-side from their second mini-album, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY. By starting with this concept, it highlighted even more the ‘Blue Hour’ performance and their versatility as a group. While staying colorful, they used a different concept for the background: showing a colorful galaxy. But what’s most memorable about this performance was how they totally reinvented the dance break, and all five members got their chance to shine.

This performance was actually one of the first tastes of their upcoming comeback on May 31st, as they teased The Chaos Chapter right after the end of the ‘Blue Hour’ performance with a much darker and intriguing dance performance. Now we know that it’s their official new series and they’re starting it with their second full-length album, and we couldn’t be more excited for it as they take on a new chapter – literally.

What was your favorite performance of ‘Blue Hour?’ What are you expecting from TXT’s next comeback? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

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5 months ago

Great article! I have been listening to TXT a lot recently and I am very excited for the album coming May 31st (:


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