Belle Mt. Sails Into The Rocky Shores of Fame!

Belle Mt. Sails Into The Rocky Shores of Fame!

We’re crumbling into new music these days. Let’s talk about our new favorite project Belle Mt. Hailing from London, Matt Belmont, and his friends, who released a couple of tracks under this moniker in the last few months, are back! From ballads to power pop songs, the trio brings a unique sound texture. We are proud to present you their new single, ‘Famous Son.’

Keep The Volume High!

Drive through the sun. Let your hair catch the breeze. Do you feel good? With the James Bay-infused upbeat guitars and the dream-pop electronic beats, it’s impossible to keep it low. We want to scream the lyrics of Belle Mt.’s new song ‘Famous Son.’ Sing your heart out along the hefty guitars and rhythms! The song is reminiscent of country alt-pop hits. We are in love with the Mumford And Sons-like catchy vibes.

Belle Mt.
Image source: Warner Records

The Impostor Syndrome

What makes a good chorus? You need to deliver a strong message with energy! Belle Mt. has it on the new song, ‘Famous Son.’ “Float in the water, sink deeper, I held time, but I couldn’t keep her,” Matt Belmont sings with his intense vocals. Believing in ourselves is great, but sometimes, we try to be someone else. We create some personalities to get rid of our anxieties. It’s, at some point, making it worse. We could engulf in the tumults of life!

Its high energy is rooted in the constant back and forth between self-belief and imposter syndrome, and in that coiled, base-level anxiety that some of us feel so consistently we forget it’s even there. I don’t know how to do anything else or be anything else, so here goes.

Belle Mt. explains ‘Famous Son’.

Big Waves

Written with the help of producer Femke (she went to school with Lin-Manuel Miranda, did you know?), the song is so addictive. We can say the same about the visuals too! The bright kaleidoscopic shapes enhance the duality and contrast of the song text. If you like Pale Waves’ colorful aesthetics, you will fall for these stellar mirrors, and retro-futuristic image flows. Watch Belle Mt. thrilling ‘Famous Son’ video here.

Choose your fighter and stream whenever you want here! What would you do if you were famous? Tell us and share on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured image source: Sara Lincoln Photography.

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