Little Did We Know How Much We Love Julia Michaels

Little Did We Know How Much We Love Julia Michaels

Time as we knew it changed as Julia Michaels dropped her debut album Not In Chronological Order, which we already know is one of the year’s best albums. But time has been changed again cause our queen has given us a little gift that we weren’t expecting. Little did we know how much we want to kiss Julia’s brain for the extraordinary mind she has. ‘Little Did I know’ has entered the chat!

Listen to Not In Chronological Order HERE!

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‘Little Did I Know’ has a powerful and evocative sound, with a delicate and harmonious melody, hitting us right in the feels, reminding us that relationships are what we all want—one where you can feel confident and safe. ‘Little Did I Know’ tells us the story of a relationship where we find the one. The one who will save us from those toxic past stories we have been in. This song is not just a new release. This song is our reason to live.

Julia Michaels´s Power Is Stunning!

First of all, holy moly! The ballad was already so beautiful and vulnerable that we were already in love with it. But after watching the music video, we got reminded that we support Julia Michaels supremacy! She owns the music world, and after ”Little Did I Know”, there’s no doubt about it.

The music video is a sensitive and straightforward voyage into the feelings of Julia. Making us feel through every note of the track and every word she sings. The power we can feel from this masterpiece is from another world. We had goosebumps throughout the video and, seeing Julia express herself and let her feelings out through the song is something we needed. We feel so connected with her.

Julia Michaels has found a way to take us inside her emotions in just 3:45 minutes. To end the video, she takes us to a beach sunset where we can finally breathe and relax with that person. This video needs to be in a museum cause it is a wholly gorgeous artwork!

So far, we love this new era of our queen Julia Michaels. And we can´t wait for what is coming! What are your thoughts on the music video? Tell us everything in the comments! Also, buzz with us on our Twitter and Instagram!

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Featured Image: Miranda McDonald, Courtesy of Universal Music

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