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Summer Salt Has The Perfect Song For Mondays!

Summer Salt Has The Perfect Song For Mondays!

There’s a new sound ready to take over our summer and bring us joy this season! The breezy indie-pop duo Summer Salt is prepared to up bright your days and your Mondays with their music! 

Formed by Mathew Terry and Eugene Chung, Summer Salt came to the world in 2014, bringing us the sound we needed to continue our days. The iconic duo kept rising into the charts with their new album Sequoia Moon.

Summer Salt Is Just *Chef Kiss*

From the first second, the song made us fell in love with its joyful and danceable melody. Even though this is a song talking about a busy day, we couldn’t feel more relaxed and excited to start a day with Summer Salt in the background.

We want to be Summer Salt’s friends ASAP! Simply, we’re obsessed with the 90’s groovy vibe of the music video for ‘Monday’s Fácil!’ Taking you in a day of the band and the happy vibes that they send us through the song is just too warm! It makes us smile right away when the video started, showing us the old vintage style the video is going to take us.

We love how it takes us in their creative process of filming ‘Monday’s Fácil,’ and even though the video is five minutes, we don’t get enough of how it makes us feel, and we are repeating it all day long. It is the perfect way to start your Monday and make your week full of happiness.

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We’ve Found Our New Aesthetic

We are now following the aesthetic that is taking us to the music video—traveling back in time with the groovy, joyful, and relaxing melody next to the soft voice of Summer Salt. We love how summer salt is dancing around the video, making one of the most simple things into art. The sound has us all singing and dancing around the house, feeling the summer breeze in our hair, wanting to enjoy the summer as it goes by next to Summer Salt guitars.

The randomness in the video is so entertaining! As they take us to their kitchen, the supermarket, the backyard, and their studio, it makes us feel happy and laugh in every single crazy freestyle dance they do in each scenario. We are feeling soo good enjoying this musical tape recording with Summer Salt! We feel like we are close friends with them!

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The Laughs!

The bloopers were something incredible to close up the video! We loved how Summer Salt took us back in their video process, making us see some natural things that made us laugh. For example, Eugene Chung picked up the dog’s poop (which was hilarious), and Mathew Terry played with their spoons. We were looking for any utensils at that moment to repeat his actions! The way the band took us on small voyages meeting their surrounding is so excellent!

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We Are Not Letting Summer End!

We may not see it live this summer by our new favorite duo, but we will have that summer feeling this fall! Summer Salt is ready to make our favorite season longer! From Houston to Salt Lake City, we will have the chance to tune with the stunning Eugene and Mathew live and vibe with them! We can’t miss this chance!

Did Summer Salt make your day better with their new release? Tell us everything in the comments, and don’t forget to tune with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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