There’s A THEORY That We Must Go To This Tour!

There’s A THEORY That We Must Go To This Tour!

Imagine this: You and your besties, front row in THEORY‘s concert singing your heart out with their album Say Nothing. What a dream, right? Well, ladies, gentlemen, and people, our fairy godmother has heard us cause our dreams are coming true. 

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THEORY just announced their 2021 Fall Headline Tour dates. We are bouncing in our bed of excitement cause we can’t believe we have the opportunity to see this incredibly talented band perform our favorite tunes live!

Listen to Say Nothing HERE!

Not only having great voices and great music, the band THEORY or also known as Theory Of A Deadman, has captured us with their stunning lyrical talent! As well, they have found a way to speak up about world issues in a way we all love: through music.

We are going to see one of our favorite rock bands take over North America from places like Mt. Pleasant to Deadwood, San Diego. And we can’t imagine how awesome it will be to see them perform our favorites live and with the power and energy they sent us through their music.

We Need Tickets ASAP!

We are so excited to see them, and we need tickets like right now! Luckily for us, the wait is almost over. On May 7th at 10:00 AM, the tour tickets will be released! Let’s set our alarms because we definitely want to get the best tickets possible!

We know we can’t miss this huge opportunity to see them live, so we are looking in every inch of our homes for any cent that could help us buy tickets for the entire tour. There’s no way we won’t see THEORY live cause it is one of our main goals in life. 

For instance, we are going to continue bopping to THEORY‘s music.

Live music is finally coming back to our lives, and we couldn’t be more excited! Are you going to any tour dates of THEORY’s tour? Tell us everything in the comments. Also, don’t forget to tune with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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