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Music is obviously one of the biggest parts of our lives! We do write about it daily after all!

We have to give it up for the month of April, what a month for music!

So many of our favorite artists put out some of the best music of their careers this month, we also discovered so much new music! We’ve laughed, cried, and danced to these tracks all month long and we just have to share them with all of you! We hope you guys get as much out of these tracks as we did!

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‘Exless’ – Kate Stephenson

If you’re looking for the all-time best song to scream in your car let us introduce you to ‘Exless’ by Kate Stephenson. This is a sad girl anthem for anyone who’s never had an ex but has felt all the emotions you feel after a breakup. We found this track on TikTok and we’re counting down the days until we could constantly have it on repeat! Now we’re just eagerly awaiting even more music from Kate!

‘Symptom of Your Touch’ – Aly & AJ

If you’re looking for pure sunshine in a song it’s this track by our girls Aly & AJ. They’ve obviously been staples in our lives since the Disney days but we have to say, this is their peak. The music they’re making right now is the absolute best. We just want to spend hours dancing in the sunshine to ‘Symptom of Your Touch.’ Pure serotonin. We can hardly wait for their next album to come out!

‘Here’s To Being Single’ – Lost Stars

Is this our modern-day single anthem?? Yes, it is! Anyone who is single, especially if it’s due to their own faults like this track talks about needs to be blasting this all summer. It’s such an upbeat, bright track that we have had on a constant repeat, and have introduced so many friends too. Lost Stars is the duo you never knew you needed in your life!

‘Don’t Need A Man’ – Liv Grace Blue

We are always going to be into music about not needing a man to be happy and be the badass that you are. This is a straight-up anthem. It’s got a heavy chorus and really puts Liv’s voice on its rightful pedestal. ‘Don’t Need A Man’ is very chant-like, we simply can’t get enough!

‘f*kn around’ – Darren Criss

Be still our Blaine Anderson-obsessed hearts. Yes, we were Gleeks, no we aren’t sorry. Hearing a track this upbeat, and this much of an anthem from Darren Criss is beyond perfect. We already can picture what a trip this is going to be once we have live music back in our lives and Darren Criss can play live. It’s going to be a staple all summer, that’s for sure.

‘Hellboy’ – Greyson Chance

Anytime Greyson Chance releases new music you can bet we will be obsessed. He’s never missed a single time in his career. This track is very much like if ‘Black and Black’ had an older brother and we love to see it truly! It’s such a mature sound that we could tell from ‘Holy Feeling’ that we would be getting out of this new wave of music! Greyson Chance also just dropped the bomb that we are getting his next project Trophies on June 25th, which will feature 8 songs!

‘losing a friend’ – Jacob Whitesides

Leave it to Jacob Whitesides to break our hearts with his newest release. His voice in his most recent music is just out of this word. He’s got so much control and sings in such a calming yet strong tone. Truly y’all are sleeping on how good he is! The whole concept of having to not just mourn a lover after a breakup, but also mourn a friend is one not enough people talk about.

‘Nightstand’ – Justus Bennetts

We have to be real with you guys, we truly think we’ve accounted for at least half of the streams on this track. We’re pretty sure we’re a bit too obsessed with ‘Nightstand.’ It’s got the best vibe to it and is the best song to scream during a drive with someone you love. We are already pretty convinced that this track will show up on our Spotify wrapped list.

‘I’ve Had Enough’ – Melina KB

This is the ultimate moving-on song. The line that really has stuck with us is “no man can demand my body, my spirit, my love.” It’s the most infectious badass energy that we all need to keep. We are constantly finding empowering tracks to help us get over toxic relationships and ‘I’ve Had Enough’ is right there atop the list! We are heading to check out Melina KB’s whole discography ASAP!

‘What If I Love You’ – Gatlin

Yet another track we found on TikTok and have become so obsessed with. Gatlin is joining the ranks of our favorite singer/songwriters quickly. This whole concept of the what if’s with someone that you were never really with is so interesting to hear sung about. As the ones who fall way too quickly, we definitely connect with this track to the core. If you’re looking for a track to scream and cry to this is it.

‘Stranger’ – Riley Roth

‘Stranger’ might just be the brightest most pop-filled track on this list. The line ” how were you ever a stranger” is incredible. It’s that whole feeling of it being like you’ve known someone forever, like everything with them is second nature. That’s a feeling people search their whole lives for, and when we finally find it we’ll have this track to dance around our living rooms to in celebration.

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‘Pam and Jim’ – Charlie Pittman and Taylor Bickett

We are The Office stans first and everything else second, so this track is our ideal love song. The only love we are looking for is one where we can watch reruns of The Office wishing Pam and Jim together! Taylor Bickett and Charlie Pittman who are a real-life couple created a timeless love song that we know people will be connecting to for generations. Their voices blend so seamlessly and it’s like they were made to create together.

‘WITHOUT YOU’ – The Kid LAROI With Miley Cyrus

If you’ve logged into TikTok recently there’s a million percent chance you’ve heard this track. The only thing we could have thought of to make it even more catchy and more of a banger would be to put one of the best vocalists around on the track, that’s where Miley Cyrus comes in. We can already tell you this is the song you’ll be hearing all summer long, it’s going to be one of those tracks that are in all the year-end lists.

Stream ‘WITHOUT YOU’ here!

‘The Way You Felt’ – Alec Benjamin

If Alec Benjamin is singing it, we are listening. He’s got one of the softest most calming voices in the industry. Despite the more upbeat fast-paced nature of this track, it’s quite heartbreaking. All you have to is really hone in on the lyrics and you’ll be at the very least choked up and if you’re overly emotional like us you’ll be in full-on tears. Alec’s songwriting always leaves us floored.

‘If I Could’ – Brynn Cartelli

Anyone who has watched someone they love in an obvious toxic relationship will be impacted by this track. It’s such an honest reflection of how it feels to watch someone in that situation. You feel almost helpless and like you just wish you could be the one in their place instead of them. It’s completely devastating but you all know we love good music to cry to. So ‘If I Could’ is perfect.

We would love to hear from you! Out of all the music that came out in April what was your favorite track? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Caroline Wang for The Honey POP

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