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Loud And Sad Radio Ep. 4: Disney, Dude Ranch & Darth Vader

Loud And Sad Radio Ep. 4: Disney, Dude Ranch & Darth Vader

Loud And Sad Ep. 4

Loud and Sad Radio: Ep. 4, the happiest place not on earth, is filled with flying sh*t in space, Disneyland mythologies, and of course Pete defending George Lucas and the Star Wars prequels.

Packed and space-bound, this episode is other-worldly. If you didn’t get to stream the show yet, get after it! In the meantime, though, as per usual, THP is here to give you your weekly rundown of all things magical, musical, mythological. Welcome to the happiest radio show on earth.

Pete Wentz and co-host/friend Elliot get dancing right away with the reopening of Disneyland. Does Pete have the Disney plug? Not quite. But he definitely does have a lot to tell. From really radical food to recovering riddles, it seems we don’t know as much as we thought about Disney. Wait, is there a Disney jail? We’ll never know, but what we do know is there’s only one Mickey Mouse.

Basketball courts, Club Thirty-Three, alcohol, and eclairs. Disney is layered and collectively considered a fantasy. It’s only natural Pete plugs a FOB goes Disney song, right? Right.

Fall Out Boy – ‘I Wanna Be Like You’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Fall Out Boy”]

Send Fall Out Boy to Epcot!!!

Nothing more nostalgic than Blink 182‘s Dude Ranch, and while it may seem there was no recorded reasoning for choosing this specific track, it fits ever so perfectly into Loud And Sad Radio Ep. 4. That’s right, you guessed it. Even if you didn’t, we’re here to tell you. Star Wars

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A subsection of the radio show itself, Pete trails off to “in defense of Star Wars.” Naturally beginning with the order of the Star Wars Movies, starting the 70s ‘A New Hope.’ Followed by two additional movies. Always wanting more, fans were left waiting. Knowingly, the 90s were the greatest. The films were then re-released with special effects and announcements of prequels. 

Who’s Luke Skywalker? Who’s Darth Vader? Either you know, or you don’t. But what Wentz needs you to know is that George Lucas is one of the best to do it, a vital visionary.

We love a play on words. Only making perfect sense to match Miguel’s ‘Sky Walker’ music here. “Don’t sleep, you’ve gotta stay up.”

Miguel – ‘Sky Walker’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Sky Walker”]

Generationally, some grew up on prequels, but what’s truly important is how special effects were used throughout. And, of course, what was to come of it. Things like Avatar and Pixar would never have been the same without the interworkings of George Lucas. Simply said, Wentz thinks that the prequels are sick.

Do you know what else is sick? Beastie Boys. Staying close to the space theme, it only makes sense to stick this song in here. Wow, what a throwback. Something about this song that makes us want to smack someone. Respectfully.

Beastie Boys – ‘Intergalactic’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Beastie Boys”]

Big Perspective Vs. Little Perspectives seems to be the theme of this Episode. So naturally, the boys have to touch down on a big one, our (the earth) movement on Mars! Rambling ’round to Pete’s son catching bits of Interstellar and in turn never wants him to go to space. Don’t worry, after that one, we don’t want him to either!

Settling into chats of space camp? Of course, Wentz wanted to go. What better time than now for the duo to dance to a song of their own heart. You know it! Fall Out Boy belongs on this radio show.

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Fall Out Boy – ‘Homesick at Space Camp’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Fall Out Boy”]

You know that they couldn’t let this show go without touching on the theme of aliens. What have we learned? Don’t start a campfire.

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