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Think Of ‘Frida’ By Alma Grace As A Look Into How Frida Kahlo Has Shaped Her Life

Think Of ‘Frida’ By Alma Grace As A Look Into How Frida Kahlo Has Shaped Her Life

Image Source: Alma Grace via Instagram

We can almost guarantee that anyone who has ever done a deep dive into the life of Frida Kahlo has been deeply impacted. Frida was a force of nature and even in death has continued to inspire millions. Out of those millions, one of them happens to be this incredible artist Alma Grace.

Alma Grace is a Mexican-American activist and artist who, once you hear one track from, you will be hooked on. She’s got this insane drive to not only create incredibly beautiful music but to also fight for those who feel voiceless. Which she’s done at the level of the U.S Senate. No big deal!

After diving headfirst into this EP we can clearly see where the Frida Kahlo inspiration comes in. The self-love and empowering aura Frida had certainly comes through in this music.

Image Source: Auden Barbour

Alma Grace couldn’t have picked a better track to open Frida. The seamless mix of Latin sounds and traditional pop influences just are *chef’s kiss*. The Spanish language is one that is so beautiful and that especially translates when put to the universal language that is music. After listening to this whole project multiple times we do have to say this might be our top track!

Stream ‘Aventura’ here!

‘Girl Fight’

This is the energy we like to see! ‘Girl Fight’ is giving us all the ‘Jessica’ by Maja Kristina Vibes! It’s all about finding out your boyfriend is cheating on you and becoming close to the “new girl.” The best revenge on someone shitty is being happy without them and it’s even better if the other girl gets to be a part of that happiness. We are all for not blaming the other girl in those situations and instead banding together. The line “this ain’t your mama’s girl fight” is just everything

Stream ‘Girl Fight’ here!

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Inage Source: Auden Barbour

We can’t get over the snapping in this track, it’s such a unique sound but fits perfectly. Alma Grace sounds incredibly beautiful in this track, vocally might just be our high on the EP. The track is so smooth in the way it flows. We didn’t see the mix of the English-Spanish languages in ‘Girl Fight’ but are right back into it here.


What a closer this track is, we couldn’t have imagined a song out of these four being a better option to close out Frida. This track feels so big and heavy in the best way. The backing music at just the right moments comes to the forefront and almost matches the volume of Alma Grace’s voice. We can confidently say after checking out Frida, that Alma Grace is going to be an artist we’re hearing about for a very long time.

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Featured Image Source: Auden Barbour

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