Dear Ashe, We’d Dance Through Broken Glass For You (No, We’re Not Being Overdramatic)

Dear Ashe, We’d Dance Through Broken Glass For You (No, We’re Not Being Overdramatic)

We are just days away from one of our favorite people in the world, Ashe, releasing her debut “life’s work” album Ashlyn. It was bold of Ashe to assume we were emotionally ready for a brand new single (Spoiler: we were not ready), but Ashe’s art waits for no one, so here we are! Ashe has just dropped her brand new single ‘Me Without You,’ alongside a world premiered music video. And we are living for it. Everything Ashe does just makes us smile, and ‘Me Without You’ did exactly that too! From her lyrics to her character, and her fashion aesthetic, to her melodic sense of self, Ashe’s new single and the music video has floored us. We worship you Ashe and it’s a privilege to join you in hyping your new music! Us without you would be a pretty dull world! Stream ‘Me Without You’ right now!

Image Source: Ashe Official Instagram

The latest track feels like a continuing journey from Ashe’s previous singles, and we love this conceptual adventure through music. Whereas songs such as ‘Moral Of The Story‘ and ‘Save Myself‘ explored themes around the downfall of a relationship and the regrets that followed. ‘Me Without You’ takes us further on Ashe’s journey, with a blatant nod to her self-acceptance and self-love outside of the relationship. Through a sea of orchestral strings and baroque vocals, stands Ashe to remind us that her confidence and authenticity never relied on anyone but herself. Yasss Queen! We are so here for this anthemic proclamation of Ashe’s worth, and we’re gonna start applying this to our own life as well! We grow as people because of ourselves, and our value is not determined or reliant upon anyone but ourselves! Excuse us while we repeat this mantra 5 times before bed!

’Me Without You’ is my follow-up to ‘Moral Of The Story.’ It’s saying you thought that I needed you to be who I am. There is my past relationship…I had multiple people… You know, assumed that I needed them in my life to feel confident or to be me, and ‘Me Without You’ is just this record that’s like, “Ooh, I am so good on my own.”


We hope Ashe got a nice pedicure after this!

TW: The music video depicts fake blood which some viewers may be sensitive to.

Let’s talk about this music video! We were hanging out with you all (and Ashe!) in the YouTube World Premiere waiting room, and as the dreaded YouTube premiere countdown clock ticked by (Yes, we hate that noise too, we hear it in our sleep!), the buzz in the air was palpable! And then there she was, pipe in hand, as the vintage aesthetic video began. A little dance around the café quickly clued us in on the vibes to expect as Ashe in her dapper suit, punched her way through that door, opening to our favorite sequence of the video. And yes, she really did punch it!

The dancing, the little walk, the rolling hills, and the miming string quartet, oh it was lush! Yes, we will be absolutely learning that dance, thank you very much. Next, a barefoot Ashe necked a shot before smashing it into pieces on the bar and dancing through the glass. Throughout the rest of the video, we see Ashe continuing her dance sequence with bloody feet, seemingly unbothered as she goes about her business. A stunning metaphor, that much like her now sore feet, we carry our history with us and it leaves prints on our lives, but we can’t let it define our future and stop our journey.

Ashe has amassed such an incredible fan base, and we all flocked to the new music video in our thousands. As we write this, the video has been viewed over 190,000 times in the first few hours after release! If that’s what we can do within a few hours of her single, just imagine what we can all do together with our commitment and celebration, when Ashe’s debut album Ashlyn drops on May 7th! Oh, the power of fandom! Make sure to order your digital album copy, for less than a cup of coffee, to help Ashlyn chart as quickly as it deserves! You can preorder and presave Ashlyn right here, right now!

Holding Her Fans To A Higher Standard

Ashe is here for love and positivity, always, and that’s why, when a handful of people online directed some comments her way, Ashe was quick to remind her loyal fanbase that when they go low, we go higher. Ashe assured her fans that she is fine and demanded that fans do something kind for themselves instead of engaging with online negativity. Ashe is holding all of us to a higher standard of kindness to ourselves and to others, and this interaction really cemented for us that we stan the right person. If you don’t know much about Ashe and her music yet, this discussion (and her upcoming album) should tell you all you need to know about this calm, talented and thoughtful human. Here at THP HQ, we are all about the brilliance of music fans and we love to celebrate positivity, so we are so pleased to see Ashe setting this precedent of kindness amongst Ashe stans, and we are proud to wear our stan badge with honor! #TCOE

It’s nearly Ashlyn time! What are you most excited about from Ashe’s debut album? What message did you take away from ‘Me Without You’? We want more Ashe stan besties! Come and chat with us in our comments, or hit us up on our socials! We’re @TheHoneyPOP literally everywhere, and we’d love to hype Ashe with you!

Want even more Ashe? We’ve got you covered! Buzz with us!

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Featured Image Credit: Jason Lester

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