Genevieve Stokes Is Not ‘Running Away’ From Success

Genevieve Stokes Is Not ‘Running Away’ From Success

Learn to swim into the world of pop with the new track from Genevieve Stokes. Don’t run away! You will adore that fresh new single taken from her EP, Swimming Lessons, the Portland, Maine, singer-songwriter uncovers her bright charisma on ‘Running Away’.

Mystical Soundwaves

Genevieve Stokes’ debut EP, Swimming Lessons, contains lots of piano notes floating and soft folk, sometimes with jazz tones gems. ‘Running Away,’ her latest drop, is intimate and delicate. Her melodic lines haunt us and take all the space, circling us with beautiful soundwaves. If you are a fan of Cat Power, Tori Amos, and even Adele, you’ll be in awe of her unique voice. Like an angel, she harmonizes perfectly with the keys. Does your heart feel the need for mystical poetry? Genevieve Stokes will sort that out for you!

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Is Love Scary?

Are you afraid of your feelings? Cupid hits at unexpected times! “Couldn’t see you coming, I was always running away, You hit me out of nowhere, Will you stay?” Genevieve Stokes sings with her clear heavenly voice. We are emotionally unstable after hearing this amazing song. Love keeps running out and about. It stays and goes. It brings the scary moments of losing someone we invest in. Is it worth it? Yes, it is! Be honest with your feelings! New adventures are scary, but it’s part of life. Let’s become soulmates!

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Find Your Heavenly Place

What to say about the visuals? Teaming up with her creative director, Abbie Pitre, the singer dives into a luxury princess universe. In a big mansion, she croons about fleeing unrequited love. The eyes are empty, but the other half is sticking to the grown passion inside. With the silky and smooth pastel colors aesthetic, we are obsessed! Enjoy the dreamy sheer images and dive into a new reality. Watch the ‘Running Away’ video below.

Choose your favorite music streaming service and get the Swimming Lessons EP right here! What do you think about the song? Tell us now on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

Speaking of running from people, you’ll probably like this track too!


Featured image source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

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