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Join Us In Celebrating goodboy noah And His Debut EP nice

Join Us In Celebrating goodboy noah And His Debut EP nice

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Debut EPs are a big deal! They set the precedent for how your career is going to be perceived by the general public! They are the first compilation of work you’re showing saying okay, this is who I want to be as an artist! For goodboy noah, nice is that compilation of his best work so far.

You can tell just from one listen-through that each song was picked so carefully to be on this EP and that they all had such purpose. The EP is made up of 5 tracks and that is pretty much the standard for an EP with most artists. It’s enough songs to really get a feel for an artist but not enough that you’re not left craving that full-length album (which we hope is coming soon!!).

Artists like goodboy noah are so unique because his artistic direction seems so clear after listening to these tracks. He clearly has things to say and knows music is that medium to do it! We are all too ready for a long successful career out of goodboy noah!

Let’s jump into the EP! Be sure to stream it here!

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‘tie down’

What a way to open your debut EP!! This track is the perfect song to just vibe to, it’s got a really nice chill beat. The higher registers you hear goodboy noah going to are really nice as well, shows a lot of vocal range! The whole concept of the track is a celebration that you’ve found that someone that you can ‘tie down’, isn’t that what we’re all looking for when you really think about it??


If we aren’t driving top down in a city with this song at max volume immediately we’re going to be pretty upset. It’s the absolute best song for the scenario. ‘uptight’ has the coolest beat and effects put on goodboy noah’s that are so unique and add so much to the track. The whole track is an ode to someone who’s so uptight, they bring down the mood around them. No one needs that energy in their life!

‘dial tone’

The line “Now I’m just talking to your dial tone ’cause I don’t wanna be alone” is quite heartbreaking. But, anyone who’s ever been through a breakup where you still want the other person has been there! Seeing them move on is unbearable because you’re not at that point yet. We want to turn this track up, cry and sing right along with goodboy noah as we get down to heartbreak. It’s really the thing that bonds us all.

Image Source: Stefanie Moser Photography

This track takes us on a more upbeat wave than any of the previous tracks and we love this change of pace. Even after one listen ‘dumb’ was already a standout on this EP for us! It’s so catchy and so easily gets stuck in your head as all the best earworms do! We really think this would make the perfect radio hit for goodboy noah.

‘love u down’

What an incredible way to end this EP! We were getting young Usher vibes from this track and that’s the highest compliment we could give anyone. So much R&B influence obviously went into the track and we love to see it! We will be playing this track on repeat for quite a while, it’s a must!

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of nice goodboy noah? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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