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Loki Is Coming To Us Earlier Than We Thought!

Loki Is Coming To Us Earlier Than We Thought!

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Should we even be surprised that Marvel chose to prank us all with the show focused on the God of Mischief himself of all things? No, we should not. But we are anyway because how did this happen? Out of nowhere, we got the news that Loki would be premiering two days earlier than expected. Remember when we said we couldn’t wait until June 11? Yeah, that’s out the window, because Marvel took pity on us and the show will be dropping on June 9!

And not only did we get the announcement, but we also have a new trailer to overanalyze until Wednesday comes around! Check it out below and join us in our breakdown over this show. Can you tell we miss the weekly Marvel content?

The first comment we need to make (and we’re sure you’ll agree): Owen Wilson was the perfect choice to act alongside Tom Hiddleston. This duo was one of those things we didn’t know we needed but will not want to live without after this.

Now let’s talk about the dialogue. Judge Renslayer (Gugu M’Batha Raw) is saying that “this variant” is insubordinate, stubborn, and unpredictable (let’s be real, is there any reality where Loki wouldn’t be like this?). Most likely this means he’s working with them and has caused some mischief already (good, we missed it). To that, Mobius M. Mobius answers “he’s doing great”, yay, Loki has an ally! He also says Loki is arrogant, but we knew that already, that’s why we love him. It looks like we’re seeing them in Pompeii again and then right after that Loki is on another planet. We can tell this show is going to be confusing and jumping through time and space like crazy. But that’s only making us even more excited for it. And one more thing: yes, Loki, you do have a glorious purpose: it’s making us all smile because we missed you!

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We’re glad that even though Marvel killed the Loki we knew in Infinity War (which we haven’t forgiven yet), we still get this version of him to root for in the show. Loki has been a fan favorite for as long as he’s been on screen. His sarcasm and wit made us fall in love with him and his backstory made him such a complex character, so we couldn’t help but sympathize with him. All he’s ever wanted was a chance and a father who didn’t treat him like an asset to be used later. And now, with the show, he has that. Maybe that’ll give Loki the chance to be the good guy instead of doing bad things to get the attention he’s been seeking his whole life. And we’ll be there to support him, because we just want our faves to be happy, for goodness sake!

For now, all we can do is wait for June to come around so we can watch the show and see Loki mess with people in different eras and planets. Until then, we’ll be over here theorising if you need us.

Are you looking forward to seeing the God of Mischief as the main character too? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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