Haunter ‘Risk It All’ With New Remix!

Haunter ‘Risk It All’ With New Remix!

Are you ready to ‘Risk It All’ for the sake of great music? Haunter drops a stunning remix of their latest track. The Houston band teamed up with Demitri Medina for a stellar rework and we are listening to it non-stop!

Time For Summer Love!

Summer love is ephemeral. Is it only a fling? Or are you ready to get further in the relationship and ‘Risk It All?’ That’s exactly the question Haunter asks in their recent single. The pressure is rising and the end of the season is coming. “Do you want to risk it all? / We’ll build it up to watch it fall / Why don’t we / Go out and live
The summer’s not over / We can pretend that we’re not getting older / Tonight
” sings Lucy Lenoir in the star-spangled chorus. The PVRIS-infused hypnotic beats drip like rain on the streets. Let’s dive into an enchanting world of rocking pop vocals. What about some remix?

Image Source: Cameron Burns

A Boost Of Sunshine!

Haunter enlisted Demitri Medina for a bit of electro touch. He previously remixed tracks from JAD3D and The Weeknd. This time, he put some glitter on that sweet tune. The ‘Risk It All’ rework is perfect for the new season, bringing sunshine with the CHVRCHES or Pale Waves-like blissful energy. The add-ons on the new version are the adrenaline you need to boost your happiness! The burst of joy that the sparkling notes give to the remix is undeniable. The hooks are simple but effective, soaring magically into some fairy tale sounds. Lucy Lenoir’s vocals blend with the guitar chords and the synth-pop vibes.

Stream this tune here!

What do you think about ‘Risk It All’ remix? Listen to the original version here! Which one do you prefer? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured image source: Heather Ann Photography

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