Jake Bugg Loses Himself In The Music

Jake Bugg Loses Himself In The Music

What’s the best thing happening this summer? Lots of new music is on the way and we can’t wait to hear from Jake Bugg. He announced his fifth record release this week, dropped the video for the new single ‘Lost,’ and unveiled tour dates for next year’s spring season. Exciting times!

Music As Medicine

This is a fact. Music is a way to escape our problems and live in better places. Jake Bugg goes full-on dance, in his new track ‘Lost’ and sends us to heaven. Where have the folkish country sounds of his self-titled Mercury-Prize nominated album disappeared to? The Nottingham-born singer-songwriter now evolves in a completely different universe. It’s the next pop summer hit! With catchy bass tones and twinkling electro beats, it’s easy to be ‘Lost’ in the moment.

Image source: RCA Records

Get Lost

Jake Bugg made ‘Lost’ a song to remember. The song keeps a fond memory of the people we got away from or those that vanished on the other side, during these pandemic times. He wants to tell us that the sun will shine again through the lyrics. The single is produced by Steve Mac (he worked on the latest London Grammar album, Californian Soil) and gives an interesting tone to Jake’s words. Let loose on the moon and the stars, and move your body to the bumping notes. Is Jake Bugg a magician? He practices a lot of the Wingardium Leviosa spell in the High Art collective directed visuals. Feel the dynamic waves and jump in the smoky clouds. Watch the video below.

Want to catch the energy of Jake Bugg’s live performances? Hopeful days are coming and the stage will be his in March 2022 across the UK. You can find more details on the dates and venues here.

Preorder the upcoming Saturday Night, Sunday Morning album here. Loved what you heard? Be sure to follow us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram for more music recommendations. We;ve got killer new beats for you here.


Featured image source: Jack Bridgeland

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