payton Gives You a Wake-Up Call, Do You Take It?

payton Gives You a Wake-Up Call, Do You Take It?

Do you feel insomnia? No problem! Viral singer-songwriter from North Carolina via Georgia state, Payton Moormeier, better know as payton on TikTok adds a new one to his collection. He drops his new single ‘3AM,’ which is another guitar gem for all the music lovers.

The Polyvalence Of An Artist!

Millions of followers on socials, you say? His talent and artistry have a huge part in it! payton is a musician that can do everything. On ‘Hard To Breathe,’ he’s chained to a bed, trying to survive, screaming in that indie pop-punk scheme. Fans of Yungblud, take a listen! On ‘Habit,’ he explores his SonReal-infused rap skills. We are so hooked! He can also do romantic rock with shimmering guitar riffs! Check out ‘Love Letters.’ On ‘3AM,’ payton visits dreamy ballads for cozy late nights. That’s what we call diversity, and we keep cheering on this!

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Strain Of Emotions

payton shows fragility in ‘3AM,’ singing with inflamed vocals. “You call me at three in the morning, to tell me it’s all in my head, and I don’t like nothing about this, but you say it’s over”, he soars in the chorus. The punk sensibility takes a trip down memory lane with Simple Plan or Blink-182’s smoother songs. Inspired by real sorrows, payton discusses the challenge of strained relationships, trying to find peace of mind. The guitar riff kicks in on the first minute, the notes murmuring. Then, the beat goes harder, drums adding some bold, musical, rhythmic anchors. ‘3AM’ is that sleepless night-perfect track. We always need someone to talk to, no matter the time of the day. Listen to the poetic indie song below.

Like what you heard? Catch payton on the Boys Of Summer Tour in the USA in July and August. For more information and to grab your ticket, click here.

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What do you like about these conversations in the AM? How are we digging payton and his latest drop ‘3AM?’ Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured image source: courtesy of Press Here Publicity

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