The Joy Formidable Waves Into The Blue

The Joy Formidable Waves  Into The Blue

Good news! The Joy Formidable is returning this summer, and they are a force to be reckoned with! The exciting rock trio, born in Mold, North Wales, rose to stardom ten years ago with The Big Roar. They are still screaming their melodies out loud after all this time. On August 20th, their brand new album Into the Blue is coming to smash everything. Is patience your virtue? No? Don’t worry! The band released the title track and a brand new single ‘Back To Nothing.’

Explore The Unknown

The Joy Formidable knows how to make anthemic stadium anthems. ‘Into The Blue’ is surfing into a path of lush guitars and atmospheric tones. It’s time to daydream! Bring positivity to your life and feel the power! In all the vulnerability, we can start a new journey with love, passion, and kindness. “Don’t fear the move out of the past/Let time take your hand and guide you/Into the Blue” Ritzy Bryan sings with her angelic voice. It speaks the truth. When times are difficult, reflect on yourself and let your mind lead you into sunshine and hope. Watch the surrealist black and white video below, you will fall in love with the creative artistry.

Know Your Boundaries

Electrical! That’s the word we can use to describe ‘Back To Nothing’ from The Joy Formidable. The rocky guitar flows are so addictive, floating between modern times and the Echo And The Bunnymen era. The slow melodic slides give us something we can relate to. Let’s just move on from the past and the nostalgia and let’s live in the present time. “The way you see it all/It’s more like/Fading from there/Watching from far away,” Ritzy Bryan croons with her bright vocals. It’s important to know our boundaries and to realize how much we’re worth for ourselves and those around us. Enjoy and stream the new The Joy Formidable song, ‘Back To Nothing,’ here.

In the mood for something extra? The band loves to connect to their fandom. From exclusive jolting live performances to amazingly designed merch, you can subscribe to the club here! Tons of fun guaranteed!

The joy formidable
Image source: Sarah Jeynes

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of The Joy Formidable

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