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These Live Performances Give Us Full Body Chills

These Live Performances Give Us Full Body Chills

Live performances just hit differently. Especially after how long we’ve gone without live music in our lives!

There’s always something so intimate about seeing an artist who can really do what they’re best at. Regardless of if it’s an original song or a cover, at a live show or at a radio station, or even at home, they’re all appreciated the same. These live performances have just turned us into even bigger stans of these artists than we already were if that’s possible!

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‘Love Sucks’ – Annika Wells

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This entire song in general is our love life summed up. ‘Love Sucks’ but so does being lonely so we stay connected to these toxic people just to feel something. Story of our lives and obviously also Annika’s. As far as live performances go this is one of our new favorites. As soon as we checked it out we knew we made the right decision to stan Annika Wells! Her voice is so beautiful and you can really feel all the emotions coming through clear as day. It’s in such an intimate setting and that adds to how much we already connect to the track.

Stream ‘Love Sucks’ here!

‘Juice’ (Cover) – Harry Styles

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Any of Harry Styles’ live performances could have easily ended up on this list. He never misses and always gives us a masterclass on performing. ‘Juice’ by the iconic artist Lizzo is one of our favorite upbeat tracks so hearing Harry Styles take it on was such a treat. It was such a fun performance and we hope this is one we get to hear him do perhaps during the Love On Tour shows! The Radio 1 Live Lounge has produced some of the all-time best live covers, but we really are just Harry simps and had to include this one.

‘Cornelia Street’ (Live From Paris) – Taylor Swift

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‘Cornelia Street’ is one of if not the best track from Lover, so naturally when Taylor Swift performed it live it only made us love it even more. Her voice is pristine during this whole performance and the crowd participation just puts it ahead of her other live performances for us. This track is 100% self-written so we know how much it means to Taylor which you can definitely hear in the way she sings. It’s also of course written across her face how happy she is to be sharing this track live face to face with the fans who made Lover such a success.

‘Treat You Better’ (Cover) – JoJo

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JoJo has always and will always kill all of her live performances. Her voice is something that is unlike any other in the industry and truly gives us goosebumps. She’s got so much control and range, watching her live is like a masterclass on true vocal ability. Hearing her do ‘Treat You Better,’ which is originally done by pop star Shawn Mendes, really turned the song on its head. Shawn is so incredibly talented but this was almost like a reimagination of the track.

‘Bad’ – James Bay

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If you want to be introduced to one of the most smooth, insane voices in music watch any of the live performances done by James Bay. ‘Bad’ is our favorite for so many reasons but something that stands out is the notes James is able to hit in this performance, truly otherworldly. The song itself is so beautiful and vulnerable, and soft. We could (and probably will) listen to this performance over and over anytime we’re looking to be instantly calmed down.

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‘Jolene’ (The Backyard Sessions) – Miley Cyrus

[apple_music_ad artist=”Dolly Parton” song=”Jolene”]

If you ever question (we are judging hardcore if you have) Miley Cyrus’ vocal ability, watch this video. If there is anyone who can even come close to singing this track as good as the legend Dolly Parton, it’s her goddaughter Miley Cyrus. The special connection between the two artists makes this live performance even better! Even though this is an older performance it’s stood the test of time and is still just as good!

We would love to hear from you! Out of all the live performances we included which is your favorite? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings and Emily Defoor for The Honey POP

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