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Dayglow’s New Single ‘Balcony’ Is Perfect For Your Summer Playlist

Dayglow’s New Single ‘Balcony’ Is Perfect For Your Summer Playlist

From the catchy bassline to the upbeat melody, Sloan Struble AKA Dayglow has brought us yet another dance-floor bop. ‘Balcony’ is a track that will definitely make its way onto our feel-good playlists.

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Dayglow Brings Synth To The Mix (Literally)

Evolving further with ‘Balcony,’ Dayglow’s signature retro sound shines with this track. Accented with layered vocals and spacey guitar tracks, the single gives us insight into the next album. Mixed with infectious drum beats and a bright guitar melody, we can’t help but bob our heads to this one! Dayglow’s second album, Harmony House, will be out on 5/21 and can be pre-ordered here.

With synthesizers making their way back into modern music, ‘Balcony’ checks off all our boxes for a dance-able summer staple!

“The Smell of Wine and Casualty”

Combining bright and dance-able instrumentals with deeper lyrics, Dayglow gives us the melancholic tracks he is known for. Taking a deeper look into songs on Fuzzybrain and singles off of Harmony House we can see the theme continue.

His first album, Fuzzybrain experienced great popularity, most notably with the smash hit ‘Can I Call You Tonight?’ which has probably appeared on your TikTok FYP a few times. Subsequently, Dayglow made his mark in the indie-pop community.

Looking closer at the track, we can see the lyrics run deeper than the spacey guitar strumming that shines through the dreamy instrumental. Undoubtedly, we could say the same for the singles we’ve heard so far. We’re definitely going to listen to this album over and over again. And we’re not complaining! 

Dayglow’s Modern Take On The 80s

Accompanying with the acoustic guitar-driven track of ‘Woah Man’ and the bouncing drum beat on ‘Something,’ the 21-year-old dropped the first single off his upcoming album in January 2021. ‘Close to You,’ experienced great streaming success reaching numbers close to 20 million.

With a synth-driven opening like that, it’s a no-brainer why this indie-pop track is such a hit! This song definitely takes us back to the same retro nostalgia we felt with the release of Stranger Things in 2016.

Cowbells and Lasers

Moving forward, Dayglow continues his How I Made video series on YouTube, giving fans a closer look behind his songs. Covering Harmony House’s first single, ‘Close To You,’ he explains the production process behind the track.

Drawing influence from 80s pop, Struble explains how he wanted to make the track as authentically 80s as possible. As a result, we see Struble utilizing production gear from the 80s, peppering in accents like cowbells and lasers.

The complete How I Made series for his first album, Fuzzybrain, could be found here.

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Through Struble’s own label, Very Nice Records in partnership with AWAL, Harmony House will drop on 5/21. And although the rest of the tracks won’t be released until the 21st, we can’t help but contain our excitement for the full album! We just know that these upbeat tracks will make their way onto summer road trip playlists!

Scheduled to tour North America and Europe, Dayglow is sure to put on a fantastic show. Tickets can be found here.

What are you most excited to hear from Dayglow’s upcoming album? How do you feel about the resurgence of 80s inspired tracks in modern music? Will we see you at a show? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also chat with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured image source: Courtesy of Pooneh Ghana

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