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Los Campesinos! Say Hello To Joy!

Los Campesinos! Say Hello To Joy!

Hello sadness, goodbye to happiness? Honestly, we can say the complete opposite with Cardiff rockers Los Campesinos! To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their fourth album Hello Sadness, they released a Bandcamp exclusive collection of sessions available digitally for the first time! Their new EP, Whole Damn Body, is out now for the fans’ pleasure!

‘Allez Les Blues’

Whole Damn Body opens on ‘Allez Les Blues.’ It’s an excellent cheer-up song. The fierce guitar energizes it all and this could be your football (or soccer in America) anthem. The stomping drums, the guitar riffs, and the xylophone’s cute beats bring that not-so-serious vibes that we all love! It’s just time to have fun!

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Image Source: R N Taylor

‘Dumb Luck’

A kaleidoscopic trip? The band brings fuzzy guitars and strong harmonies. Revenge is sweet, the ‘Dumb Luck’ is running through generations. How to get rid of it? With grunge-themed dirty lyrics and catchy upbeat music, don’t you think?

‘She Crows (Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #4)’

How does it feel to be used by someone? Heartbreaking? Los Campesinos! documents these relationships with a folk-pop indie journey. The song is very emotional as the title says and it’s tear-jerking.

‘Tip Toe To The True Bits’

Los Campesinos! may be jangly, but they also go to the darker side of melancholia. Slow-motion guitars mix with brass instrumentation, which then flows in a harsh brutal lyrical poem, getting louder. Everything will blow off for a reason in the middle of the lies, but we can wake up stronger and in harmony with each other.

Image Source: Jon Bergman

‘Four Seasons’

Which type of seasonal person are you? This song by Los Campesinos! is probably the quieter one, but the most beautiful one. “Something verdant, something blooming, something golden, something dead/Cut into uneven quarters, all four seasons in my head” sings Gareth Campesinos in the folk-infused track. It’s delicate, intricate, and really comforting around a campfire or to relax at home after a rough day.

‘To The Boneyard’

Let’s get back to the nineties! Casting the adolescent crisis at its best, there is so much contrast with the dark storytelling and the energetic, not-so-deadliest rhythms. Fans of Weezer or Wheatus, you’ll be hooked to the jangly guitars and the heavy drums!

‘Light Leaves, Dark Sees Pt.I’

Are you obsessed with The Cure’s ‘Love Song?’ Well, you’ll be with this one too by the group! Get ready to drown in love for their other half, in kitsch clichés. Love is sweet and cheeky, that’s all we ask for!

Image Source: Owen Richards

Buy your exclusive digital bundle of joy on Bandcamp over here! Enjoy the playlist under the sun and drink to the superb poetry!

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Featured image source: Simon Ayre

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