All We Want Is To Have A Night Exactly Like The One In The ‘Feel Something’ Video

All We Want Is To Have A Night Exactly Like The One In The ‘Feel Something’ Video
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We know you guys are all on the same page as us on how we feel about Joshua Bassett! He’s quickly becoming a staple in pop music and showing he’s around for the long haul. Joshua Bassett has captured fans’ hearts in the Disney+ original High School Musical: The Musical: The Series! While we love the series and can’t wait for season 2(!!) we are even more looking forward to where Joshua Bassett goes next in his music journey! Not too long ago Joshua Bassett released his self-titled debut EP and to be honest, we haven’t shut it off since! The EP is chock-full of some of the best pop music coming out from any male artist around at the moment. Right when we were thinking maybe we’d almost overplayed the EP Joshua Bassett releases ‘Feel Something!’

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‘Feel Something’ is exactly the song you want to discover as we switch from spring to summer. All of us just want to have a good ass time and let loose and truly, ‘Feel Something.’ Any summer adventures we are about to have are going to have this track as the background music. It’s honestly a must! Late-night drives or trips to the beach, long road trips all of it! This track just makes us want to scream the lyrics and dance and be completely carefree.

The music video that follows this song is the visual embodiment of the phrase “Nights we won’t remember with people we won’t forget.” It encapsulates all these incredible times with friends, really just letting loose in the most therapeutic way possible! We were pretty jealous the entire video considering we are writing while wrapped in a blanket on our couch, certainly not having the time of our lives with a group of friends. That would be a much better situation.

Joshua Bassett if you’re reading this and want to invite us to your next late-night adventure we are free anytime any day.

Don’t forget to stream ‘Feel Something’ here!

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Featured Image Source: dontshakethepolaroid via instagram

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