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Ashlyn by Ashe: A Cultural Reset

Ashlyn by Ashe: A Cultural Reset

Okay, we’ve finally stopped crying enough to write this. After counting down the days until we could finally lose ourselves in Ashe’s debut album, she has arrived. Ashlyn is here, and it is better than we could have ever imagined. It is simply sublime in every way, and we cannot wait to chat about it with you all. First things first, stream it and buy it! Our best shot at charting Ashlyn is through digital sales! You can stream and purchase it right here! Done? Okay, here we go, this is it! Pull up a chair, put on your best tie, grab a drink, get your fur babies, and let’s do this together besties.

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♬ I’m Fine – Ashe

Ashlyn is a no-skip album. That’s it, that’s the article. Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk.

No, but seriously, we are in love. Throughout this emotionally aesthetic album, Ashe’s vocals, songwriting abilities, and intrinsic stylistic nuances are given a golden spotlight to shine. And shine they do. It’s heartbreaking, it’s raw and it’s sophisticated, in a truly timeless way. Ashe previously described this album as her “life’s work,” and wow, what a life! Ashlyn is not a collection of songs on a record. It’s an album. Each song of this 14 track album is sublime individually, but together they create a cohesive and flowing album. This album demands to be played on vinyl. We cannot wait to get our copy! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, get yours here, along with the exquisite Ashlyn merch! Did Ashe just drop the album of the year? We think so!

Ashlyn is deeply reflective and honest, full of stories of my experiences with fear and pain and turning those hard things into joy and independence. I’m an experiential writer and there was no way I was going to make an album that didn’t address my personal journey, from my brother’s death this last year to my own experiences with emotional abuse.”


Album Tracks To Get Your Teeth Into

Of course, Ashlyn includes our favorite Ashe singles: ‘When I’m Older,’ ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ featuring FINNEAS, ‘Moral Of The Story’ part one and part two featuring Niall Horan, ‘I’m Fine,’ and the brand new single ‘Me Without You.’ But Ashlyn is absolutely full to bursting with brand new music too. So check out our favorite album tracks from Ashlyn! Which song are you hoping will be the next single?

‘Love Is Not Enough’

This track feels so delicate, yet so big! “You say you want a girl with a future, but everybody comes with a past” is probably our favorite lyric from this big beautiful ballad. And remember how we said this album deserves to be played on vinyl? Clearly, Ashe agrees! The track starts and ends with the gentle scratching of a record player, a stunning nuance of this song. ‘Love Is Not Enough’ is a warm yet sad highlight from Ashlyn, and we’re going to need a full orchestral performance of this piece, please!


This is already showing as a firm fan favorite, and wow, we agree! The crisp guitar picking is matched with stunning layered harmonies, making this track heartbreakingly haunting. “You loved me, I loved you too, soon” had us floored. The addition of this one word takes this song to a whole new level of our sobbing. Ashe’s delivery throughout this song is so gentle, without vocal acrobatics, allowing the lyrics of the song to really pierce through. This one had us crying and we’re not ashamed to admit that. It’s the relationship that wasn’t meant to be, and the love that wasn’t ready.

‘Not Mad Anymore’

Oh, Ashe and her musical nuances! The opening lyric “Burnt out like a star, cause baby we were made to fall apart” is preceded by the gentle crackle of a freshly struck match. The gentle introduction to this track, quickly fades into the past, as the beat drops, and the dirty heavy bass drops into our chests. Rhythmically, this is one of our favorite songs on Ashlyn. It’s also one of our faves to try and sing, but apparently, our neighbors disapprove. Awkward. Live with it Linda.


Hello, the best chorus of the entire album has just entered the chat. It gave us goosebumps on our faces. Ashe sings ‘Always’ with her whole chest. Her stunning mixed voice quickly transitions into her jaw-dropping belt, and, combined with the haunting layered harmonies, this song is full. The heaven-reaching vocals create a beautiful juxtaposition to the calm piano instrumental. And just to add to the big brain energy of our Ashe, she’s even slipped in a violin solo of the opening bar of ‘Moral Of The Story,’ at the end, sliding us into the next track with caramel-like smoothness. Trust us on this … turn on Gapless Playback on whatever app you’re streaming from. Just do it. You won’t even realize one song has ended and the next has begun. And that is just aesthetically delicious. It made us feel things, and clearly, we’re not the only ones! Check out this heartwarming fan post of album reactions over on Twitter!

‘Serial Monogamist’

Yes. yes. yes. We love it. In the first few bars of this song, we thought we’d sussed it. Spoiler: We had not. Initially, we got country twang vibes from ‘Serial Monogamist,’ with the guitar picking and strings, but then the beat dropped on the chorus…. and she’s sexy! This tune has a timeless country feel, but with R&B steam in the air. This is one of the most interesting tracks on Ashlyn, and we absolutely adore it.

‘Ryne’s Song’

Right, we’re gonna try and get through this bit without crying again, or we’re gonna end up dehydrated. ‘Ryne’s Song’ is written about the loss of Ashe’s brother. It brings in themes of reflection, regrets, guilt, and loss. Ashe was so honest and vulnerable with us through this song, and lyrically, it is so relatable to us. “I wouldn’t be, who I turned out to be, without the brother you were to me.” We have always known how incredibly Ashe communicates through her music, but we were not prepared for this. The track even includes a short voicemail from her brother and, while the song doesn’t share every personal detail, we really get the sense that Ashe is singing to him while reminding us all that we never know what’s around the corner. Ashe can explain this song much better than we can, so here’s her message:

“My brother was an addict and died last year, and I wrote that song alone on the piano, trying to process everything. There’s a line at the bridge: ‘I always thought we’d fix things in our forties or so/I never imagined that I’d be the only one getting old.’ You go through so much with your siblings and you think there’ll be time to figure it out, but there isn’t. So if there’s someone you need to work through stuff with, you’ve got to do it now.”

See Also



This is the last unheard album track, and she’s instrumentally supreme. We think it’s one of the cleverest songs on Ashlyn. The various layers of instruments seem to sweep in, like a loop performance, and it’s interesting. We start with thick 80’s bass, and then in strolls electric guitar chords before the drumbeat and synths kick in. It’s a symphony of sound which keeps us intently listening for fresh additions, as well as those Ashe nuances we love! “Let the world rip your heart out,” to the sound of ripping paper. This is the kind of stylistic nuance that we live for!

We need Ashlyn live.

And we’ll get it! Ashe has a string of live performances scheduled, including Late Night With Seth Myers on May 11th, Today on May 13th, and American Idol on May 16th with FINNEAS!

But hold on to your Gucci ties … there’s more. The Fault Line Tour is coming! Yes, Ashe has just announced her tour, kicking off in London in September before heading out across the US in April 2022! Tickets go on sale in the next few days, but right now, you can sign up for early access here! Plus, in true #TCOE form, Ashe has teamed up with PLUS1, with a portion of proceeds from The Fault Line Tour going to supporting Shatterproof and their work to end the devastation caused by the disease of addiction. We can’t wait for the tour, and to hear these songs live! We’ll see you there!

What is your favorite track on Ashlyn? Too hard to pick one? Yep, we feel you. Come and cry with us, by dropping us a comment, or buzzing yourself over to our Twitter @thehoneypop or Facebook.

Incase we haven’t made it abundantly clear, we are massive Ashe stans! Check our more Ashe content here!


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