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Our Midnight Thoughts Are All About Midnight (The Final Chapter)

Our Midnight Thoughts Are All About Midnight (The Final Chapter)

It’s no secret that Set It Off is one of the most talented bands out there right now. They’ve always had a knack for producing amazing music that goes above and beyond what you might expect to hear from a pop-punk band. It would not be surprising to hear a gospel choir or live strings incorporated into their songs. They’re not afraid to do their own thing sound-wise. That’s one of the things we love so much about their music. Their most recently released album Midnight is a perfect example of their musical prowess. The Midnight era may have started in 2019, but it’s coming to a close soon. Midnight (The Final Chapter) is on its way.

Midnight (The Final Chapter)
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The end of an era…

Now, how exactly does one start the end of an era? How do you push the clock to strike twelve and get ready for the dawn of a new musical endeavor? According to Set It Off, you do it with acoustics! The band has released an acoustic version of ‘Killer In The Mirror,’ one of the fan-favorite tracks off of Midnight. Hearing the acoustic version solidifies Set It Off’s skills as musicians. This acoustic version takes ‘Killer In The Mirror’ from the intense, angry, blazing track it started as to a more emotional, introspective ballad. The anger remains under the surface, but it’s given away to introspection with ‘Killer In The Mirror’ (Acoustic). In fact, frontman Cody Carson describes it best:

“‘Killer in the Mirror’ seems to always apply to my life,” says singer Cody Carson. “I’ve developed more and more trust issues as I grow — almost as a protective measure. When I first wrote this song, it came from a place of pure anger, and sure, that anger is there. But as your emotions develop, so does your perspective. I wanted to show the sad side of the message of ‘Killer in the Mirror’ and really draw out/expand the emotional spectrum by introducing the orchestra towards the end to almost give a feeling of optimism. As if to say, ‘People will try to hurt you, but you’ll make it out alive every time.'”

Cody Carson via press release

‘Killer In The Mirror’ (Acoustic)

This track is a perfect way to prep us for Midnight (The Final Chapter). Midnight (The Final Chapter) will be made up of Midnight, the After Midnight EP of B-sides, as well as three new acoustic tracks which we are so stoked for. You can pre-save it here. We’re watching the hourglass and waiting to hear these new tracks!

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Before we let you go, we just wanted to take a minute to look back on some of our favorite tracks off of Midnight while we wait for this new release (and for whatever musical journey Set It Off is about to take us on next)!

‘Killer In The Mirror’

It’s only fitting that we start our list off with the original ‘Killer In The Mirror.’ We love this version so much because sometimes you just need an angry, emotional song like this to scream along to. Oh, and the music video? Amazing. Another one of Set It Off’s talents includes incredible visual storytelling, from the video plots to the colors to the cinematography. We could do a whole separate article on our fave videos from them, but perhaps that’s a discussion for another time.

‘Midnight Thoughts’

If you haven’t noticed yet, Set It Off’s music has an overarching theme of dealing with your own emotions and facing your demons in your head. Like, think of earlier album tracks like ‘Duality’ or ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.’ They know what it’s like to feel trapped in your own head and deal with the very real struggles that go on in there that can follow you into daylight hours. ‘Midnight Thoughts’ is all about dealing with, well, those midnight thoughts that you can’t quite shake! It’s a feeling too many of us unfortunately know all too well and there’s a sort of comfort in hearing Cody Carson sing about it. His voice fits these songs perfectly and makes us feel a little less alone.

‘For You Forever’

Okay, did we mention how much we love Set It Off’s lyrical prowess yet?

In the desert, a mirage of ecstasy
Falling for the pleasure
Sick of painting every nightmare as a dream

This isn’t even the chorus yet, it’s the lead-up to the chorus. Absolutely amazing. We love the almost desperate emotion behind this song, begging someone to understand that you aren’t going to spend forever waiting on them. It’s a slow build, culminating in one of the best, most emotion-filled bridges we’ve ever heard. The end of the track carries a finality in the notes. You wouldn’t wait for someone forever and this song tells them that.

‘Go To Bed Angry’

Alright, if we keep going, we’re going to end up listing the entire album so we’ll cut it off with this final track. We love the flow of ‘Go To Bed Angry’ and the way Cody’s voice carries the song through its emotions. This track is all about wanting a fight, unusual huh? Well, have you ever gotten in a fight with someone and just went to bed without resolving it, even if you wanted to? This song is about doing the opposite of that. It’s about wanting to scream and fight and resolve the issue to start the healing process.

We also love that this song features Katie Cecil from Wayfarers because it actually makes the track feel like a conversation between a couple in the middle of a fight. You can hear the passive-aggressive tone in their vocals and the snarkiness that might come with a conversation like this. We absolutely adore this track.

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We’re quickly approaching daylight!

Well, there you have it. As the Midnight hour nears its end, we’re anxiously awaiting Midnight (The Final Chapter). We’re so stoked for the new acoustic tracks and as bittersweet as the end of an era is, we’re ready for whatever Set It Off has in store for us next!

What are your thoughts about Midnight (The Final Chapter)? We wanna hear from you so come buzz with us in the comments or drop us a line on Twitter over @TheHoneyPOP!

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