Ships Have Sailed Can Take All Our Money

Ships Have Sailed Can Take All Our Money

Warmer days are coming and we can’t wait to party on the beach or sail on a sunny cruise! Safely, of course! We got the perfect music to fit your ventures with Ships Have Sailed. The electro-pop duo from Los Angeles buzzing again with their new track ‘Take My Money.’

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Technologies Changed It All!

If there is one thing that we learned throughout the last year, is that we could never live without technology again. Remote work, zoom parties, virtual concerts, it just makes sense! Are we too obsessed? Maybe! Paying for our premium access, being glued to screens almost 24/7, is it sane? Ships Have Sailed brings the subject to a new light, with humor and fun!

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Sweet Electro-Pop!

Ships Have Sailed production is sweet as a lollipop! It’s colorful and we also love the retro influences from the eighties era. Do you love The 1975? You gotta fall for ‘Take My Money’ with the funky bass and melodic synthpop sounds. The jangle rhythms guide us, as a boat captain, in an artsy and jolly creation of beats. Ships Have Sailed knows how to craft some refreshing bop with cool guitar riffs and dazzling and uplifting chorus. What is ‘Take My Money’? A perfect tune for your summer playlist and the duet can deffo take our pennies and dollars because it’s worth it!

“‘Take My Money’ is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reaction to our ever-connected world where devices and the apps on them seem to run our lives more and more every day, influencing our decisions and our thought patterns. It presents itself as a slightly vapid pop jingle, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find some irony, some humor, and maybe a cautionary tale or two.”

Ships Have Sailed explanation of ‘Take My Money’ inspiration.

Want to listen in your car? At an outdoor party? Or just while chilling in your room? Grab the track here!

Are you sailing the ship like us? Let us know what you think about ‘Take My Money’ on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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