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This Is A Fresh Start For Bailey Bryan

This Is A Fresh Start For Bailey Bryan

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Bailey Bryan has been one of our favorite artists since we discovered her! She’s got such honesty in her songwriting that is so incredibly rare! She’s always allowing fans to see themselves in her music in a way that has let this beautiful relationship bloom. Her newest project is titled Fresh Start and includes 11 tracks!

Each track was so perfectly crafted to the point where there are zero misses, it only makes sense that they’re all together on the same project. Some of the most honest writing we’ve seen happens within the lines of the genius album that is Fresh Start.

We can hardly wait to jump into this record with you guys! But before we do make sure you’re listening right along with us by clicking here! We can cry, dance, and discover our new favorite music together.

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‘Fresh Start’

The line “They say ‘If you love them, let ’em leave’ And I do every time” broke us. We see way too much of ourselves in that line for comfort. We are complete suckers for a ‘Fresh Start’ just like Bailey Bryan. The song itself is such a banger and the verses are jam-packed with so many good lines, she wrote the hell out of this track.

‘Hope’s Interlude (RWTFYA)’

We are incredibly happy she gave Hope a spot in Fresh Start! If you aren’t aware Hope is a fan of Bailey’s who made a TikTok about the song ‘Play w/ me’ and Bailey had adorably dueted it mid-cry. The song skyrocketed after that. So it’s only fair to give credit where it’s due and involve Hope in this incredible process.

‘Play W/ Me’

‘Play W/ Me’ is that song!! It’s one of those tracks that’s best listened to at max volume where you’re singing almost as louder or louder than the music. The energy in this track is fantastic and we always have to be matching Bailey’s energy whenever we hear it! No matter what record this was one it would always be a stand-out track because of how good it is! We can’t imagine ever getting tired of putting this on repeat!

Image Source: Nikko LaMere

We probably won’t ever be over the line “And I cant see the future if I could man I wouldn’t want to.” Like are you kidding?? How heartbreaking it is when you realize you know you won’t end up with this person, but you don’t even want to see the future because you want to believe a lie. As always we’re so blown away with the writing specifically on this track. Some of the best on Fresh Start, which is saying a lot because this is such a well-written album.


We’ve used ‘Roster’ as our pre-game song so many times! It’s the best song to blast while preparing to go out and break hearts and make anyone who’s wronged you regret it. Does that sound a little petty? Maybe but that’s the energy that we’re keeping. If you’re not going to treat us right we’ll take a note from Bailey Bryan and fill up our ‘Roster.’ This is such a fan favorite so we love that it made it onto Fresh Start.

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‘Kitchen Table Interlude’

We love a good little interlude moment. This feels very raw and personal like Bailey Bryan recorded this straight into her phone and we weren’t ever supposed to hear it, but then she gave us this gift of putting it on Fresh Start. It’s beautiful, truly.


We cried back in April when we first heard this track and are crying again right now. It’s just an emotion-packed song. So far on Fresh Start, it’s the rawest, deepest track. Coming to terms with the fact that this person you love was never going to be permanent in your life and that you have to let go is heartbreaking and we wish no one had to go through that pain. At least it makes a killer song to cry in your car too.

‘Don’t Call Me’

Probably will forever be our most listened-to Bailey Bryan track. It’s so incredibly relatable, it’s a complete call out to that person that thinks they deserve a place in your life once things are over. We’ve always thought it was such an anomaly how someone can only start to treat you well once you’re not with them anymore?? Truly mind-boggling, sadly we’ve dated a lot of people like that so don’t mind us while we turn this to full volume and scream these words.

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We’ve ugly cried to this track multiple times. Can you tell we’ve been through it with relationships yet?? Because oh boy have we!! This track always has just hit differently. It’s a classic case of right person wrong time, the worst kind of unfortunate circumstance. Love is always doing us in and messing us up and Bailey Bryan proves with so many tracks off of Fresh Start that she just gets it.

Image Source: Nikko LaMere
‘Finally Interlude’

This interlude has quite a bit more lyrics than the previous ones! We love to see it! Honestly, we enjoy the intimate feel of this addition to Fresh Start. Shows what a beautiful voice Bailey Bryan has.

‘Dark In The Morning’

Now only describing our glow as “The glow of a girl who has loved and lost.” If it’s true it’s true! Can’t argue with facts! This whole track might be our new favorite from Fresh Start. It’s got such a good heavy beat and such incredible lyricism! We’re about to overplay this track don’t mind us.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track off of Fresh Start? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram.

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